Total Act of Liberation!

Today, quite a few parents would be appalled at hearing another parent threatening to kill or use other words that convey the same sentiment to their son or daughter. The parents would be threatening this to their offspring, if they considered or actually did something in defiance to parental authority and caused great trouble. Such terms like, “girl (or boy), I’ll kill you” or like what Bill Cosby said to Theo in the Bill Cosby show pilot episode, “I brought you into this world and I will take you out” were highly charged angry talk. When I heard that kind of talk from my mother, I knew she did not mean it. Like others who heard those kind of parental threats, especially in the teen years,  I knew it meant a punishment of extra house work assignments of the dirtiest kind and extreme restrictions on fun activities for a while and even receive the back of her hand somewhere on my body.

I am not saying all, but when Muslim fathers and other male family leaders threaten to kill their daughters and female and male relatives, they mean it. We do hear reports of what is known as honor killing. Mostly we hear about fathers killing daughters who in some way has brought dishonor to the Muslim family like ingesting much of western culture. There have also been instances of male siblings and other male relatives killing a suspected or declared gay male member in the family.

I do not understand Muslims migrating to the western cultures of United States, Canada and European countries and thinking that the children they raise will remain completely inside the Islamic culture of the country they left. Muslim actress, Sila Sahin raised in Germany by strict Muslim Turkish parents, posed for Playboy magazine. She said her posing was a total act of liberation from the restrictions placed in her. Liberation from Islam! Her posing also brought out the fury of enraged Muslims who feel she has gone way down the decadent road of westernization, disgraced Islam and must pay for what she had done.

Ms. Sahin really pushed the button! What was she thinking! Her parents are extremely angry to say the least (as would many parents regardless of faith or culture), but her father is not making public death threats to her. Ms. Sahin is getting public death threats from within the Muslim community. Read more here.

No to a Plea Deal for a Honor Killing Suspect

There maybe a plea deal in the works for Faleh Hassan Almaleki. He allegedly honor killed his 20-year-old daughter,  Noor Faleh Alamleki by running her over with his car and injuring the mother of her boyfriend who was walking with his daughter in Peoria, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona in the fall of 2009.  He felt his daughter had become too westernized. Really, living in this country in your formative years is going to westernize you somewhat, regardless of parental control with middle eastern values. Noor Faleh Alamleki refused an arranged marriage and was living with her boyfriend and his parents. After the committing of the crime, he tried to escape to England, but denied entry into the country.

Why the plea deal? Is this not first degree murder? Honor killing is premeditated. What are the prosecutors thinking? Are they afraid to come across as being bigoted against Islam and Muslims? This plea deal better not be true. Anything less than first degree murder gives credence to the Muslim male’s right to kill females within their family structure who they have deemed to have brought dishonor in some way on the family name. Judge and executioner! Some reports say that Mr. Alamleki confessed to honor killing his daughter.  I heard on an evening cable news program that his defense is using the Sharia right to honor kill on religious grounds. Oh please! Is this more Sharia creeping? Read more here.


9/11: Thoughts on the Related Controveries

On this day of remembrance of the horrific events that happened 9 years ago, I hope it jolts some folks on the mosque issue. I am not against the mosque being built, but it should not be built anywhere near where the world trade center once stood. Some people say this proposed mosque is two blocks away and do not see what the big fuss is all about. But gear from Flight 11 was discovered on top of the building were the mosque is to be constructed and human remains have been found less than 500 feet away.

This mosque building within the area physically affected by the death and destruction is a part of jihad i. e. a stealth jihad. It is not violent, but a jihad that is obtaining Islamic domination victory by means awarded through our system of bringing ideas and desires to fruition. If you are thinking “so what” and that Muslims can live as they want, because it does not bother you, consider that through stealth jihad, Islamic domination is strong enough to forces non-Muslims to be Sharia compliant in an increasing number of public facilities in Europe. Women, are you ready to buy a Sharia compliant burquini to use your community swimming pool or enter on to a public beach?

A more “in your face” aspect of the proposed mosque near Ground Zero is triumphalism which is mosque building on or close to an Islamic victory. And throughout Islamic countries, Muslims saw 9/11 as an Islamic victory. This is why I oppose this mosque being built two blocks away from Ground Zero. I know there is a mosque that has been there for a while in the area, but it is not there due to triumphalism. Some of you will say, this was a terrorist victory and not an Islamic victory, but the death and destruction caused that day was done in the name of Islam. The planning and especially the funding of that terrorist cell came from Muslims from Islamic nations despite the fact that there are many Muslims who would never be apart of such a thing.

If you are wondering about the Pastor Terry Jones controversy, I am also against any kind of Quran burning. Pastor Terry Jones appears to be in it for the notoriety as far as I see it. I agree with General Petraeus. Not only is Pastor Jones endangering our soldiers and American people abroad, but he is also making life worse for fellow Christian brothers and sisters living in Islamic countries.

Today, September 11, 2010 the pain still abounds and this proposed mosque will intensify that pain for many who lost loved ones 9 years ago.

Blacks Should be Muslim!

How often have I heard that Christianity is the white man’s religion coming from folks within the black community? I have been around black co-workers and subordinates that have converted to Islam, officially deemed themselves agnostics or atheists, because they see Christianity as the white man’s religion. Currently, there is a kind of new wrangle as seen in a verbal confrontation this past Saturday.

Is there a growing number of non black people who think blacks are suppose to be Muslim? I guess the growing belief that Pres. Obama is a Muslim is feeding this thinking. I was even accused once last year of being a closet Muslim just because I am black.

The Muslim thing comes at the end of the video. In most of the video, a group of black conservatives school some liberal media types on famous black Republicans and a little history of the KKK’s relationship with the Democratic Party. Democrat loving blacks do not like being told of KKK/Democrat history. I must warn you that there is some rough language, but nothing in the “F” category.