2015 Mother’s Day Tribute

mom_me_2013I posted about my mother for Mother’s Day since doing this blog. She is still going strong at 89 years of age. If you go through my Mother’s Day May posts in this blog’s archive, you will find out that my mother made fabulous suites, dresses, and hats. She was the kind of parent teachers loved because she would not stand for me and my siblings cutting up in school. We had to behave and respect the teachers. My mother loves the Lord Jesus Christ as her savior. You will also read of her health issues and realize that the good Lord blessed her to still be here with a sharp mind. Thank you, Lord.

Mothers Day2

The photo of my mother and me is from early April of 2013. She still looks the same. I always post a music selection that she especially enjoys. For this year, it is Every Praise by Hezekiah Walker.

2014 Mother’s Day Tribute

Proverbs 31:26…28a

She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

Her children arise and call her blessed…

I am blessed to have my mother still with me. She is 88 years young and despite her health challenges, my mother is a strong woman of God. This photo of my mother with me is from April 2013. The Lord continues to bless her 3 daughters, son-in-law, three granddaughters, a few cousins and a host of nieces and nephews with her wonderful presence. I wish her a happy and blessed Mother’s Day.

A Favorite of My Mother

2013 Mother’s Day Tribute

Happy MothersDay2013

Proverbs 31:26…28a

She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

Her children arise and call her blessed…

I am blessed to still have my 87-year-old mother with me. She weathered 2 bouts with cancer, an amputated toe and suffered a mild heart attack. Praise the Lord, she is still here and doing well! Her mind is as sharp as ever. I shared about my mother on this blog and on my former blog. To read more go here. It was a post celebrating my mother’s birthday, but it told the most about her.

My mother just discovered Wess Morgan and she does not like to miss church and enjoys worshipping the Lord.

Hardly Any Fathers

When I was growing up, all the children on my block and the two blocks that shared a triangular-shaped driveway with my side of the street, lived in family homes parented by a father and  mother. Well, there was one friend who lived with her uncle and aunt (her mother came to visit her from time to time). Today, those blocks of homes are full of children and mothers, but hardly any fathers. That is so sad.

When I was in the child care classroom, it was easier doing activities for Mother’s Day. Father’s Day activities grew to be uncomfortable due to the increasing number of children through the years not having a father in their young lives. Unfortunately, this situation is getting worse. The role of the father continues to depreciate.

Note: If you do not recognize Frederick Douglass, go here to find out about him.

Mother’s Day Tribute 2012

I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, grand-moms, great grand-moms, Aunts, foster moms, and neighborhood moms. God bless you all. I give tribute to my mother on this Mother’s day. The two images of her are from 1960 and 2004.

Proverbs 31:26…28a

She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. Her children arise and call her blessed…

The music selections are from my mother’s favorites. The top one is a favorite from the early years after she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. I could not find the version sung by Dave Boyer that she loved so much, but this version by the Gaither Vocal Band will do just as good, because she loves their singing. The video on the bottom is a favorite that she hears today on a very popular gospel radio station that she always wants to listen to when she is in the kitchen against my listening to talk radio.

My mother experienced health problems that would have killed many. She had too many hospital stays in 2011 which included the ICU and being there for Easter and Christmas. Praise the Lord, 2012 so far has been triumphant. My mother at age 86 is one strong woman in the Lord.  She is deep into the Word of God and is especially drawn to eschatology –  the doctrine of last things.

My mother is able to return to going to 8:00 A. M. Sunday morning church worship services. She is the oldest female member and many respectfully and lovingly call her Mother.  She desires to be able to remain for Sunday School and to resume serving in the Missions Ministry. She even still wants to make a dress or a top and skirt ensemble  on the sewing machine that is in her bedroom. I can tell you back in the day, my mother made fabulous women’s suits, dresses and hats.

My mother’s body has been through much, but her spirit and mind continue to be as feisty as ever. If you are going to argue a point that is in disagreement with her, you must have all your facts, because she has all her’s and will argue you into the ground. I love her. God bless her.