A Sample of What Led to Cenk Uygur Being Dumped for Al Sharpton

When Cenk Uygur lost his program on MSNBC to Al Sharpton, it was not only because of poor viewer ratings. Some reports said it was because the pro Obama MSNBC was highly annoyed with him being too critical of Pres. Obama, his administration and some Democrats. I always hear from the liberal leftist side how conservatives eat their own. If you believe that, you must not be familiar with Cenk Uygur. He is proof that liberal left types eat their own too! Just watch the video.

Cenk Uygur’s mouth might be the cause along with poor viewer rating for getting dumped by MSNBC. But if any of you feel sorry for Mr. Uygur, fret no more. A TV version of his Internet-based new talk program, Young Turks is on its way to Current TV. It will be on 7:00 p. m. weeknights. He will pull in even less viewers as does another former MSNBC host, Keith Olbermann whose Current TV program is on week nights at 8:00.