Among Republicans and Democrats

Well, a few months of time went between this post and my last one. I am still notRepubs_Dems back into blogging as I thought. So much went down between my February post and now! I get teased by my Democratic family members and friends about all the possible Republican presidential candidates. One online Democratic friend enjoys teasing me about how the Republicans love eating their own. That person is looking forward to the Republican debates to see that in great action. This person also feels the Republican eating of their own is the main reason the RNC cut down the number of debates for up and coming Republican presidential debates.

Of course, I responded with the fact that they had no choice and that there were plenty of Democrats who were not all that happy with only having Hillary Clinton as their only choice as their Democratic presidential candidate. Now, that has changed. Even though it is not much of a challenging choice, self-described Democratic socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent announced he is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. I hear the former Democratic Baltimore Mayor and former Maryland Governor, Martin O’Malley most likely will also be a Democratic presidential candidate.

On the Republican side, I do not have one sure choice. I do like Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Scott Walker. For now, I am not even considering possible presidential candidates, Jeb Bush or Chris Christie or Republican presidential candidates who do not have any elective office experience. I admit due to sentimental reasons, I do care for Mike Huckabee. He has the RINO label, because of his taxing record as Governor of Arkansas. I was for Huckabee for President as a new Republican in 2008. I did not get to vote for him because Sen. John McCain had won enough votes and delegates to get the Republican presidential nomination before the PA presidential primary took place. Well, not being able to have my vote counted in the presidential primary/caucus season is another blog post.

Republicans are putting forth a great range of choice. We even have the one thing that we face accusations of not having and that is diversity. Besides whites, Republicans have a black man, latino men, and a woman as declared presidential candidates. The Democrats so far have two aging people of the same race, one being a woman. The third/new party cry is only coming from the conservative and Republican side. Oh, that would considerably split the conservatives and Republicans and again give the presidency to the Democrats. I do not want another Democrat elected to be our next President.

Taking Part in Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

I bought from Chick-fil-A (CFA) today. I support the CEO’s right to express his belief in the biblical definition of marriage. One family member had never tasted any CFA food until today. Already the chicken sandwich is on its way to replacing the McDonald’s chicken sandwich as her fast food favorite.

I am sorry that I have no photos of my CFA experience today. I went to a CFA in the food court of the nearby Montgomery Shopping Mall of North Wales, PA. There was a long line, but the service was quick. I ran into a few members from my church either ahead of me in line or getting in line after I made my purchase.

One woman walked over and posed questions to me and two others on our support. She labeled us homophobic. She did not care for our responses  about standing up for one’s belief or support of traditional family values not being hateful. “Is CFA offering some kind of discount today” is the one question she kept repeating. See the video below about the national Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day which was a success.

Having a Vote that Means Something in the 2012 Primary/Caucus Season

Well it looks like I may have a say with my April 24th presidential primary vote. The Republican National Committee amended Rule 15b for the 2012 presidential nominating process. It is apportionment of delegates for the Republican presidential candidates before April 1st; afterwards, the winner of the state primary and caucus votes takes all the state’s delegates.

The Democrats do apportionment throughout the primary/caucus season. When it is close like it was in 2008 with then Democratic presidential candidates Obama and Clinton, votes were necessary to the end of the primary/caucus season. It was winner take all in 2008 for the Republicans. Sen John McCain had the 1144 delegates needed for the presidential nomination before the April PA Primary. If the delegates had been proportional, my vote would have counted for something and it would have gone to Mike Huckabee.

The apportionment did not work in 2004 when I was still a Democrat. Sen. John Kerry had enough delegates before the PA Primary, which was held in May back then. I was not that upset, because I was pretty much on board for Sen. Kerry. Sometimes I feel all the caucuses should be held on 1 day and the primaries on 1 day in the next week or at least within a month of the caucuses so that every voter has a say in choosing the presidential party nominee. It is even worse for the states who have primaries and caucuses after April, especially Utah which is at the end of June. Really, how often has this state’s individual’s primary vote meant anything! Go here to see the 2012 primary/caucus schedule.

The Iowa Start to the 2012 Republican Presidential Race.

The presidential election year  has been exciting for me for a long while. Some people I know think me somewhat weird, because I get into the presidential nominating conventions and look forward to them being on TV every 4 years. This time around the presidential full electoral process is only on the Republican side. I find the process more exciting when the Democrats and the Republicans are going through the full process together. Even though the outcome in 2008 was Barack Obama, for me, the 2008 presidential election process garnered  more excitement.

With all the hoopla over the Iowa Caucus, the only worthwhile hoopla is the fact that it is the first electoral event of the U. S. presidential process. The Iowa Caucus is not a defining element for either of the 2 major political parties. Mitt Romney just edged out Rick Santorum by few votes to be the winner. Is the Iowa Caucus really any indication of whether either one will be the next U. S. President, let alone be the 2012 Republican presidential nominee? In 2008, the Republican winner was Mike Huckabee.  He is not the President, and he did not even become the Republican presidential nominee. Bill Clinton in 1992 became the Democratic Presidential Nominee and then elected the U. S. President. He place 4th in the 1992 Iowa Caucus at 2.8 %.

 Well, the Iowa Caucus does thin out the presidential hopefuls. There is always someone dropping out who finished last or near close to it. This time around, it is Rep. Michele Bachmann who placed next to last. It will be interesting to see who will be the next one. The ultimate with me is that the Republican chosen to run against Pres. Obama will be strong enough to garner a voting victory in November 2012. I do not think Rep. Bachmann would have garner enough votes to do that. The Independents are the key. They go one way and then they go another way. The Republican presidential candidate must be able to win over the Independents that gave the victory to Barack Obama 2008.

Mike Huckabee Responds to His Critics on Occupy Wall Street

Mike Huckabee! He is terrific! He was my original choice for President in 2008. I remember a Democrat family member who had only knew him as an “also ran Republican presidential candidate.” The family member watched Mr. Huckabee’s first Fox News program broadcast interviewing Bill Maher. Positively surprised, she could not get over how he was talking to the atheist Maher about the Lord which caused Bill Maher not to be his usual insulting nasty self to Christians. Here, Mike Huckabee is responding to some critics to his position on Occupy Wall Street. He is terrific again and he is also absolutely right about the morality issue.

Click on the image to view the video

I close with the following. Go here to read about how Occupy Wall Street protesters caused several cafe workers to lose their employment.