For AG Holder the End is Near!

Glenn McCoy_Stop Following Me.Glenn McCoy Cartoon

If Eric Holder’s end is not near, it should be. AG (Attorney General) Eric Holder cannot escape the news reporting scandal including the Associated Press snooping, and specifically, Fox News Reporter James Rosen. He signed off  on a search warrant for the emails and phone records of  Mr. Rosen. The DOJ (Department of Justice) is even going after communications from Mr. Rosen’s parents! Oh please!  James Rosen was doing his job as a reporter.

A few weeks ago, AG Holder testified before a congressional committee that he never heard of any planned prosecution of any journalist. There are reports out there that he personally vetted warrants on Mr. Rosen.  Perjury! If you do not see it as perjury, then you must see the AG as not knowing what is going on right under his nose. Is it not perjury or incompetence?

People are calling for the AG’s resignation, including a few Democrats. Of course, there are plenty of folks out there who could care less, because they are not paying attention to what is going on. I notice my online Democratic friends are quiet on AG Holder. In fact, with the way things are politically, some are feverishly pushing local and state Democratic victories in place of pro Obama administration postings.

It is no surprise that there are some ‘never say die’ pro Democratic/Obama folks supporting AG Holder, but even their defense of him is weak such as columnist and talk radio host, Earl Ofari Hutchinson. He never mentions any of the serious charges leveled at AG Holder in his column. Instead, he blames Republicans for trying to find stuff. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson with that special thing he has with words, defends AG Holder by calling him the ‘Moses of our time.’ Now that is absurd!

The call for AG Holder’s resignation continues to grow. Folks like Bill O’Reilly are predicting that he will leave the Obama administration soon. I side with those calling for AG Holder’s resignation. He should go, but based on how the Obama administration is able to weather out the controversies and even win a 2nd term,  I have this nagging feeling that AG Holder will not be going anytime soon. Please do not let me be right.

Responding to an Al Sharpton Post and Where He is Now at MSNBC

I continue to get views and comments on my July 27th blog post,  MSNBC’s Higher Ratings with Al Sharpton every few weeks or so. This was a wait and see post, but a few folks went off the deep end, because I did not bash Mr. Sharpton’s racial politicking and social angst. Then there were responses in support of Mr. Sharpton. I am not one of his supporters and take issues with most of his dispositions, but I am not a hater on anyone and that includes Mr. Sharpton. I do listen often (Currently listening to some segments of Neil Boortz in Atlanta through the computer) to conservative/libertarian and liberal leftist talk radio to hear the arguments from differing political view points. Since the liberal leftist side is far less represented in talk radio, the local urban talk radio station is where I go to hear the liberal leftist arguments.

Philly’s urban talk radio has Al Sharpton on from 1:00-4:00 p. m. weekdays. I do not listen to his radio program in its entirety, but I do catch segments. That also goes for his weekday 6:00 p. m. TV program. Folks in my household who feel where he is coming from is not represented enough on TV are happy with the fact that he has TV program, but they never turn it on. I think they are representative in part of many out there on the liberal/left side. I say in part, because one family member is just too use to watching local news and the national nightly news during the 6 p. m. hour. But many on the liberal/left side just are not into watching news programming.

Al Sharpton started out getting decent ratings as a substitute host. The viewer ratings starved MSNBC jumped on the ratings boost right away by putting Mr. Sharpton on and dumping Cenk Uygur who had only been in the early evening time slot for only 6 months. Mr. Sharpton’s viewer ratings went down,  but he stills pulls in higher ratings than CNN’s John King every other day or so. Now if someone subbing gets better ratings than Mr. Sharpton, he will be gone too! But then, maybe his situation would get a different handling. See the ratings for Thursday and Friday cable news programming here and here.

I think MSNBC also gave Al Sharpton a program, because of the criticism of the cable news station being pro liberal and pro minority, but did not have any people of color hosting in the evening line up. The cable news station would see some damaging publicity and reactions if they dumped Mr. Sharpton and replace him with a non black: thus,  Professors, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry are probably the possibilities if Al Sharpton ever gets the heave-ho.