After a few months of being absent on this blog, let us welcome back Zo. He has been gone too long.

Zo is as good as ever. I never had a 2nd thought about what Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson said concerning homosexuality. He supported his comment by paraphrasing  I Corinthians 6:9-10. With those objecting to what he said, did you notice that there was not the slightest bit of indignation over the other sins mentioned in the paraphrased verses? Well in any case, I am glad Mr. Robertson came out on top in the end.

As far as his comments about the black people he knew as being happy during civil rights times, I would question Mr. Robertson a little on that, but I do not take his comments as racist like some folks do. I noticed the media reports left out that he also said that the blacks he worked with in the cotton fields were godly.

Dr. Melissa Harris Perry on her weekend MSNBC program made fun along with her panel guests of Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson. Later, she profusely apologized. Zo does not think the apology is authentic, but I will cut her a little slack.  Besides, Mitt Romney accepted her apology.

Dr. Melissa Harris Perry is at It Again

Remember the pro-abortion folks who protested at the state capital in Austin, Texas against a bill that stopped abortions past the 20th week of pregnancy? The reports were that the police confiscated from them such questionable protest items as tampons, bricks, condoms, plastic baggies of urine and fecal matter. The plan was to throw these items at pro-life lawmakers. In the end their protest was futile, because the bill is now law in the state of Texas.

Well, the super leftist and abortion advocate, Dr. Melissa Harris Perry on her low rated weekend MSNBC program showed pro-abortion women how to keep from getting tampons confiscated for their next protest battle. She along with other ‘pro abortion at anytime during pregnancy’ folks stay away from the term, abortion and instead say reproductive rights. All the same, it is still baby killing.

Note: Of the 2 people you see at the beginning of the video, the man is David Webb. He was there to argue his conservative viewpoint on ‘people of privilege.’

Another Doozy from the Annals of MSNBC


I know some Christian folks who love MSNBC. I wonder how they are feeling when those from that cable news network espouse their radical thoughts like Dr. Melissa Harris Perry who was the subject of yesterday’s post on this blog. Here is another progressive doozy from MSNBC’s Krystal Ball dealing with gay marriage and her young daughter.

Progressive Thought: Children Do Not Belong to Their Parents


Oh, this one is a real doozy from the leftist progressive Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry! Do you go along with her ‘Lean Forward’ progressive argument that your children are not your’s, but a public investment?

My mother who still views herself as liberal, but in reality is a strong social conservative, will never go along with this idea of children belonging to the community and not the parents. I know my non conservative sibling never saw her twin daughters who are now 18 as public property. The same for my other non conservative and MSNBC loving sibling, who has a young teenage daughter. I must get the reaction from the MSNBC watching family member on Dr. Harris-Perry’s left’s progressive ‘Lean Forward’ doozy.

Dr. Harris-Perry is so comfortable with what she is saying to the point that it is scary.

Rewrite the Bible!

Melissa Harris-Perry_Bible

I know whenever a liberal/lefty makes this type of eye-popping  comment about anything Christian, true Christians who vote the Democratic Party along with the far lefties do become incensed, but then at the same time, they publicly act as if it this type of comment was never spoken.

Melissa Harris-Perry is not the only liberal/lefty progressive who feels the bible needs an update. She and others think that way, because they feel that bible content comes only from mere mortal men. The reality is that the bible is God inspired. We cannot change what we do not like about what the bible tells us, even when it goes against prevailing attitudes on such matters as same-sex marriage and abortion rights.