Disgusted Conservatives

Rino republicans

Conservatives continue to grow in disgust of the Republican Party. I keep hearing that conservatives need to get a new party. This time it is due to the Republican Senate vote that helped the amnesty immigration bill closer to becoming law that puts illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship. Many conservatives are so disgusted with the one time Republican conservative darling,  Sen. Marco Rubio. He is a member of a bipartisan group called the gang of 8, who are behind this immigration bill. Also on the disgusted list are the Republican Senators who voted for this bill.

Sen. Rubio and the affirmative voting Republican Senators get the RINO (Republicans In Name Only) label plastered all over them for going along with a bill that gives people who willfully broke U. S. laws through the way they entered this country and to those who overstayed their visas. I do admit that I am okay with Congress trying to do a little something for the children brought here illegally by their parents. These senators voted for a bill they received with not enough time to read and study it in its entirety.  The bill as law will do this in the employment arena. How can any of us go along with a situation like that! Well, this immigration bill next has to go through the House. It should die there, but that is not a certainty.

There is so much talk of voting out these so-called RINOS and even recalling the once highly touted conservative Republican Sen. Marco Rubio. But in doing so, the conservative Republican voter must replace them with strong conservative candidates who have a better than good chance of a general election victory. We do not need anymore like Christine O’Donnell, who beat out the Republican incumbent senator in the primary only to be trounced by the Democratic candidate in the general election. We do not need candidates that do not have the good sense to know not to make screwed up comments, such as Tod Aiken and Richard Murdock did about rape.

Finally, please watch the racist remarks. I know there are those racist types among both the Democrats and the Republicans.  But somehow, the Democrats always get a pass, while the Republicans get the biggest brightest light shown on them. Just within the last few weeks, a County Republican Party Chairman supporter to a congressional candidate had to disappear (he also apologized) for making racial stereotypical remarks about a competing primary Republican candidate of color. Oh, to have a Ted Cruz type conservative Republicans elected from all over the country! Am I dreaming or what?

Senator Rubio is Right

Yes, Sen. Marco Rubio is definitely future presidential material. He is right about Pres. Obama and the Democrats not having a plan to deal with the deficit, while asking publicly for a compromise. The most that the congressional Democrats have done is vote down the Republican plan.

In a side note, I watched the Pres. earlier today at a town hall meeting in College Park, Md.. He surprised me when he said that our free market system was the best. There are a few Facebook folks who go back and forth with me on the free market system not being all that wonderful and feel good that the Pres. Obama and Democrats are  moving in another direction. If they heard him this morning, they must have cringed big time.

Getting back to points made by Sen. Rubio, watch the video. He is really good.