Immigrant Voting!

I did not realize that legal immigrant non-citizens can vote on limited basis if they live in certain municipalities in this country.  This non-citizen voting goes on in municipalities such as Chicago, Illinois and Takoma Park, Maryland and might go forth in Portland, Maine. It will be up for a vote on Nov 2nd.  The argument that legal immigrants work and pay taxes and have a right to vote on local concerns is gaining traction. One organization behind immigrant voting is Democracy for All.

Claude Rwaganje hopes this limited voting measure will pass. He has been in this country long enough to apply for citizenship. Unless he has financial problems with the hefty application fee of $675 and other direct and indirect fees that must be paid in the citizenship process, what else is keeping him back from becoming a citizen?

I am in the ‘U. S. voting is only for U. S. citizens’ camp. If you are for legal immigrant voting and think this issue compares to blacks not being able to vote, the denied blacks were legal citizens of this country.  The denied immigrants are immigrants not citizens. As this non-citizen limited voting grows, where will it lead? Could this be a tunnel passage to illegal immigrant voting? Fox News legal analyst, Peter Johnson Jr. (who BTW is a Democrat) makes perfect sense on this issue.

Quoting one of my Facebook friends,”NON-CITIZENS VOTING?!?!?! What’s next? Bussing in people from Canada and Mexico to vote??