Rancher Has to Pay $87,000 to Illegals

Do you feel it is right to make a rancher pay 16 illegal aliens $87,000.00 who trespassed on his ranch to enter into this country? Rancher, Roger Barnett held them at gunpoint, assaulted verbally and physically assaulted  some of them with kicking, thus causing  emotional distress? That is what happened to rancher, Roger Barnett. There could be an argument for the verbal assault and the kicking, but there was no evidence of kicking on the bodies of the illegals and they did not seek any medical help according to Barnett’s Lawyer. Now is that really worth the $87,000 judgement which was upheld on appeal by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals?

Mr. Barnett’s ranch seems to be a favorite route through the years for illegals. Mr. Barnett has suffered damage to his ranch from the trespassing. When I hear the arguments in support of the verdict against Mr. Barnett, I wonder what the supporters would do if they find themselves with strangers trespassing on their property. After all, when Mr. Barnett first came across these trespassers, he was very uncertain about his family’s safety. Making him pay $87,000 is outrageous.

See a discussion in the video below and see another discussion here which includes Mr. Barnett’s lawyer and Jehmu Green who argues in support of the outrageous verdict. BTW, the illegals who won this judgement were deported.