Conservatives Images: False and True


Five images are false, even though liberal/lefty types believe them to be true. My only suggestion to the last image which is true, is to include some older folks such as myself. Those who feel there is truth in stereotypes, would look at me, a 60ish black woman and automatically think ‘Democrat and/or liberal/left Obama supporter no matter what.’ Somebody like me in that last image would help to debunk that stereotype.

Liberal Detroit and Conservative Texas

Lib Detroit_Con Texas.

The bankrupt city of Detroit is a great example of where nothing but Democrat policies for a long time will take you. There has not been any Republican anything in power in that city for the last 60 years. Back in the day when I was still a Democrat, I remember being thrilled watching the new young Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick along with his mother, the then Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick on C-SPAN. Oh, did he disappoint me! People living in cities that Democrats are running and ran for decades should take a good look at the fiscal health of their city. Who knows if your city maybe next to go bankrupt!

I know some of you are saying the comparison is a little off, because Detroit is a city and Texas is a state, but Texas is doing better in this downed economy. Can you say the same for your state? The cities in Texas do not fiscally resemble Detroit in the least. Many of the people who  are boiling over angry with the high taxing liberal to leftist state of California are leaving and moving to Republican conservative Texas, especially for better business prospects. Hey! We can proudly blame George W. Bush for Texas. Gov Rick Perry had to deal with what then Gov. Bush left him. It was all good and Gov. Perry has made it better.

Democrats of Detroit and the fiscally failing cities that are further down the that road where the destination is bankruptcy, should be taking a good look at Republican conservative policies at the city and state level. There are plenty of ‘I told you so’ reactions out there, but it would be wonderful for Detroit some day to achieve full restoration. Of course that will not happen if they continue to run with liberal to leftist policies of the Democratic Party.

California: The Thrill is Gone

There was a time when the idea of moving out to California was a delightful thought. Just the warmer weather in central and southern California was enough for me to leave southeastern PA. I spent 4 days in Anaheim, California back in 2004. I was there to attend a national early childhood conference. I also got to go to Disney Land and travel a little part of the Pacific Coast highway. I thought my ranch home would fit in fine in some of the Anaheim neighborhoods. All my house needed was that southern California stucco facade on the front. But now when I see what is happening in California due to Democratic, liberal and leftist policies, the thrill is gone.

Required Reading: Heather Has Two Mommies!

FBMeme_liberal logic 101_no bibles

I do not know about you, but it angers me that in our public schools systems, books such as Heather has Two Mommies gets high recommendations. These books are about molding the minds and shaping the hearts of children to morally accept any type of sexual preference. Some folks out there believe such books should be required reading at the elementary level. Oh, that is so appalling! Just think about molding and shaping children into accepting any sexual preference as valid while the Supreme Court allowed public schools to exclude the Word of God.  This is a triumph for those on the liberal and leftist side of life.