My Talk Radio Programs

Microphone_talk radioMy talk radio listening keeps evolving. There was a time when I could listen to one entire talker program on the liberal side. This was a local based talk show on Philly’s one and only urban talk radio station. The radio talk host is a liberal/lefty but he was a consummate professional. He had a chat room going while he program was on the air. He was always polite and respectful while disagreeing with my growing right-wing comments. He gave up his radio talk show to accept a reporter gig on TV program, Chasing New Jersey.

The station has one syndicated liberal/left talker, Al Sharpton. I now have a hard time listening to him for more than five minutes. I use to be able to put up with him for about 45 minutes. In my birth and growth as a conservative, I am about seven and half years along and now wondering as a thinking adult, how did I stay in the liberal/lefty camp for over thirty years of my life.

There are so many local and syndicated right-wing radio talkers these days. I find myself listening to some for a while and then turn to their competition for a while. I listen to the syndicated talkers such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham. I listen to local Philly talk folks such as Dom Giordano and Fox News exile, Dick Morris. I listen online to local talker, James T. Harris, because his program is on in Tuscon, Arizona. I listen online to other radio talkers, such as Herman Cain, Brian Kilmeade and delayed Mark Levin programs.

New to my regular online listening is Christian talk programming, such as Janet Parshall’s In the Market Place and Steve Deace. I really like Steve Deace. He use to be on a local Philly talk  station at his 9 P. M. broadcast time. I do not like that the station bumped him to 3 A. M., so I listen to him online. Mr. Deace discusses the political, social and cultural through a biblical world view.

I am participating in Steve Deace’s weekly (Republican) Candidate Survivor Island in where you vote for the possible Republican presidential candidates that you do not want to see as the 2016 Republican presidential candidate and eventually the next President. So far participants voted Gov. Chris Christie, Rep. Peter King, Jeb Bush and Haley Barbour off the Island. This evening I cast my vote for Donald Trump to be the next to go. If you want to participate, go here. You will have to give your name, email address and answer a few more questions, before you get to the page with the candidates’ names. You will have until next Monday in the afternoon to cast your vote and you will hear Mr. Deace announce who got the boot on his program later that evening or read it on his Facebook page or on Twitter.

I enjoy listening to the various individuals on the right. I do not  agree with them one hundred percent, but I find myself not agreeing with anything I hear coming from liberal lefties. This is a strong indication that I am really maturing in my right-wing thinking. 

Rev. Wright Again!

From listening to urban talk radio, folks in the past have desired that Rev. Jeremiah Wright shut up, because what was spewing out of his mouth did not help Barack Obama. Author Ed Klein has an unflattering book out on Pres. Obama. The book is, The Amateur. He received some of his information from Rev. Wright. Mr. Klein is in interview mode, especially with Sean Hannity.  Mr. Klein is supplying excerpts of his taped interview with Rev. Wright. He hardly says anything positive about the Obamas and of course he goes on to say crazy stuff in general. Go here to hear excerpts.

I could never be a member of his church, because with him, the message is not about Jesus Christ saving you from eternal punishment for your sins. His message is almost exclusively about God punishing the white racists and the rich for hurting the blacks and the poor. There is more, but that is for another post.

There is a Romney Super PAC  that wants go after Pres. Obama’s connection to Rev. Wright. Mitt Romney is against it. He wants to go after Pres. Obama on the economy and lack of jobs. Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity feel Mr. Romney is wrong and should let the PAC do its thing. I support Mr. Romney taking the high road and sticking to the issues that most affect the country.

I know some of you think not getting dirty and going after the Obama/Wright connection is playing nice and will contribute to a possible Romney loss in November as it did for John McCain in 2008, but I think improving the economy and the job situation is of the utmost importance. Besides, Rev. Wright will do the job of the PAC all by himself, since he does not shut up.

Pro-Life Democrats!

On the conservative and Republican side of things, conservatives are generally against abortion. More and more Republicans, especially the younger ones are coming out for abortion. Even before I crossed over, as a young Democrat, I knew of pro-choice Republicans, but officially the Republican Party Platform to date is against abortion.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party Platform stands officially for abortion. I went through a time feeling that abortion was okay, but my spiritual growth put an end to that while still a Democrat. I come across many conservatives that assume all Democrats are for abortion. That is not true, but the Democrat Party hierarchy likes to keep a lid on the anti-abortion folks within the party.

 The late Robert P. Casey who was a former Democratic governor of my state of Pennsylvania was staunch pro-life. He was denied a speaking slot at the 1992 National Democratic Convention to speak on behalf of pro-life Democrats. Former President, Jimmy Carter is also pro-life and feels the Democratic Party should back away from their official pro-abortion (for any reason) stance. He said so on the Laura Ingraham radio talk program not that long ago. Go here for more.

Moderate Americans Elect

A grouping of dissatisfied political strategist and donors are coming together to form Americans Elect (AE), which is not a separate party. This group is bipartisan and represents the moderates dissatisfied with the way our elective officials in Washington are dealing with the issues. It is the middle voice that is being ignored, but now wants to shake up things. They want to add a 3rd presidential candidate in 2012, but this group does not have a candidate.  AE has raised over $22 million already and has ballot slots in 9 states with several other states awaiting certification.

AE plans to have presidential candidate convention over the Internet. This group wants to change the political process by making the presidential candidate  pick a running mate from a different party. Now really, what good would that do? AE also wants to make primary voting more open through online voting and not have the primary decided by few voters (the earlier primaries).  I feel they have a point here. I live in a state where the presidential primary is too late most times for my vote to count towards any of the candidates.

I heard Laura Ingraham this morning talking about AE. She feels it is just a moderate front to get Pres. Obama reelected. Her feeling is that moderates are really liberals. She could be right, but does this group really sound like they can be some kind of a game changer in the 2012 presidential election? Read more  about Americans Elect here.

But He is Still Like Carter

When it comes to the continuing American military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan and the military actions in Libya, there is the morph of Pres. Obama from George W. Bush. During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama said he would quickly pull the military out of Iraq and Afghanistan. But Pres. Obama maintained and increased Bush military directives in those countries respectively. And even though the reports are that there are no ground troops, there is a United Sates military presence in Libya. Pres. Obama continuing and increasing on George Bush’s military policies has greatly disappointed many of his supporters.

Now when it comes to domestic policies, I am in the camp that sees Pres. Obama as most like former Pres. Jimmy Carter. Whether he will be a one term President like Jimmy Carter remains to be seen. We still have a lot of time before the 2012 presidential election really gets under way. We still do not have much of an idea of who will be the Republican presidential challenger. Listen to the following audio from the Laura Ingraham radio show.