Rev. Wright Again!

From listening to urban talk radio, folks in the past have desired that Rev. Jeremiah Wright shut up, because what was spewing out of his mouth did not help Barack Obama. Author Ed Klein has an unflattering book out on Pres. Obama. The book is, The Amateur. He received some of his information from Rev. Wright. Mr. Klein is in interview mode, especially with Sean Hannity.  Mr. Klein is supplying excerpts of his taped interview with Rev. Wright. He hardly says anything positive about the Obamas and of course he goes on to say crazy stuff in general. Go here to hear excerpts.

I could never be a member of his church, because with him, the message is not about Jesus Christ saving you from eternal punishment for your sins. His message is almost exclusively about God punishing the white racists and the rich for hurting the blacks and the poor. There is more, but that is for another post.

There is a Romney Super PAC  that wants go after Pres. Obama’s connection to Rev. Wright. Mitt Romney is against it. He wants to go after Pres. Obama on the economy and lack of jobs. Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity feel Mr. Romney is wrong and should let the PAC do its thing. I support Mr. Romney taking the high road and sticking to the issues that most affect the country.

I know some of you think not getting dirty and going after the Obama/Wright connection is playing nice and will contribute to a possible Romney loss in November as it did for John McCain in 2008, but I think improving the economy and the job situation is of the utmost importance. Besides, Rev. Wright will do the job of the PAC all by himself, since he does not shut up.

The Morgan Freeman Controversy

There is so much controversy over Morgan Freeman’s comments on the TEA Party being racist! It should be no surprise to you when I say that many folks share his beliefs. When I hear many others beside Mr. Freeman going off against those who are not liberal, left and/or Democrat on making the Pres a one-termer, it is like, “duh!” Of course those who did not vote for him in 2008 and do not like his polices want to make the Pres a one-termer! Mr. Morgan and those who think like him most likely wanted to make the late Ronald Reagan and former Pres. George W. Bush  one-termers. It is a good guess that they were not too upset when that happened to former Pres. George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton became the next President. There is nothing wrong with the Republicans wanting to make Pres. Obama a one-term President. If John McCain had won, Democrats would now be working on making him a one-term President.

The emotional is drowning out the rational. If the  first black President does not get 2 terms, the emotional will say it will be because of racism. The rational will say it will be because of bad administration polices which keeps the economy in the toilet. Disagreeing and going against Pres. Obama translates to racists attitudes to those that agree with Mr. Freeman.

Because of a few individuals within the various TEA Party organizations are getting caught with their racially insensitive remarks, the entire TEA Party movement gets branded racist. Racial insensitivity is not exclusive to Republicans, conservatives and TEA Partiers. Some anti-TEA Party, anti-conservative and anti-Republican folk like Jeremiah Wright said in relation to not being able to speak to Pres. Obama, “Them Jews won’t let him talk to me.” The head of the New Black Panther Party, Malik Zulu Shabazz said the wife should leave the n@##er (Pres. Obama) and more. He eventually gave an apology to folks who did not like what he said. He did not apologize for what he actually said. Black New York City councilman, Charles Barron said, “I want to smack a white person for my mental health.”

Sen. Harry Reid remarked that then candidate Barack Obama did not have a negro dialect (he later apologized). Left-wing radio host Neil Rogers for his parody, “Is you their black-haired answer-mammy who be smart? Does they like how you shine their shoes, Condoleezza? Or the way you wash and park the whitey’s cars?” Former 60 Minutes host, Mike Wallace remarked that blacks and Hispanics were “too busy eating watermelons and tacos” to learn how to read and write.” Off course, there are many more examples! Racial insensitivity is not the monopoly of one ethnicity or race.

I receive increasingly foul, insulting charged up rhetoric from the Democratic liberal/leftists who I spar with on various online venues. They were somewhat respectful the first year of Pres. Obama’s administration. I am seeing a totally different side now that Pres. Obama has lost support. Unfortunately, as we get closer and go into 2012, the racism charges are going to go into the stratosphere.

I leave you with Deneen Borelli discussing Morgan Freeman’s comments with Martha MacCallum on the TEA Party and more.