Among Republicans and Democrats

Well, a few months of time went between this post and my last one. I am still notRepubs_Dems back into blogging as I thought. So much went down between my February post and now! I get teased by my Democratic family members and friends about all the possible Republican presidential candidates. One online Democratic friend enjoys teasing me about how the Republicans love eating their own. That person is looking forward to the Republican debates to see that in great action. This person also feels the Republican eating of their own is the main reason the RNC cut down the number of debates for up and coming Republican presidential debates.

Of course, I responded with the fact that they had no choice and that there were plenty of Democrats who were not all that happy with only having Hillary Clinton as their only choice as their Democratic presidential candidate. Now, that has changed. Even though it is not much of a challenging choice, self-described Democratic socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent announced he is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. I hear the former Democratic Baltimore Mayor and former Maryland Governor, Martin O’Malley most likely will also be a Democratic presidential candidate.

On the Republican side, I do not have one sure choice. I do like Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Scott Walker. For now, I am not even considering possible presidential candidates, Jeb Bush or Chris Christie or Republican presidential candidates who do not have any elective office experience. I admit due to sentimental reasons, I do care for Mike Huckabee. He has the RINO label, because of his taxing record as Governor of Arkansas. I was for Huckabee for President as a new Republican in 2008. I did not get to vote for him because Sen. John McCain had won enough votes and delegates to get the Republican presidential nomination before the PA presidential primary took place. Well, not being able to have my vote counted in the presidential primary/caucus season is another blog post.

Republicans are putting forth a great range of choice. We even have the one thing that we face accusations of not having and that is diversity. Besides whites, Republicans have a black man, latino men, and a woman as declared presidential candidates. The Democrats so far have two aging people of the same race, one being a woman. The third/new party cry is only coming from the conservative and Republican side. Oh, that would considerably split the conservatives and Republicans and again give the presidency to the Democrats. I do not want another Democrat elected to be our next President.

Conservatives Fleeing Republicans: Another Rant and a Positive Charge

Republican_ElephantI am sick of these folks on the conservative side throwing in the towel on the Republican Party. I admit that I do not like the Democrat direction the party is going, but I feel the conservative portion of the Republican Party should stay in and fight to take it back from the Carl Roves, Jeb Bushes and all the rest of that non conservative Republican crowd. Republican conservatives are losing in part due to not being able to pass the social positions to the young folks. Many are okay with conservative fiscal positions, but not on such social conservative positions against abortion and gay marriage. That has to be dealt with at the spiritual level. So pray.

Conservatives are angry with elected officials at various levels. Right now much anger is in the direction of  the congressional representatives and senators in Congress. We can’t vote out such senators as the RINO (Republicans In Name Only) labeled John McCain and Lindsey Graham unless we are registered voters in their respective states. We can only pray, hope and maybe send some money for a primary challenger that can win against the Democrat opponent in general election. The primary challengers should be another Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle or Todd Akin. But after saying that, they can come from the TEA Party like Sen. Ted Cruz. Oh, we need Ted Cruz replete throughout this country.

Here I go again. Please, No 3rd party! Too many conservatives want to go that route. Of course while establishing another party, you know that the Democrats will go unfettered as you try to get the 3rd party on the ballot in each state, especially the closed primary states. Just think the Democrats will have the executive, the legislative and the judicial branches of government all to themselves and doing unrepairable damage to this country. I am still for holding on and fighting from within. We can do it. Well at least Glenn Beck believes so. I leave you with his positive charge to fleeing Republicans.