My Talk Radio Programs

Microphone_talk radioMy talk radio listening keeps evolving. There was a time when I could listen to one entire talker program on the liberal side. This was a local based talk show on Philly’s one and only urban talk radio station. The radio talk host is a liberal/lefty but he was a consummate professional. He had a chat room going while he program was on the air. He was always polite and respectful while disagreeing with my growing right-wing comments. He gave up his radio talk show to accept a reporter gig on TV program, Chasing New Jersey.

The station has one syndicated liberal/left talker, Al Sharpton. I now have a hard time listening to him for more than five minutes. I use to be able to put up with him for about 45 minutes. In my birth and growth as a conservative, I am about seven and half years along and now wondering as a thinking adult, how did I stay in the liberal/lefty camp for over thirty years of my life.

There are so many local and syndicated right-wing radio talkers these days. I find myself listening to some for a while and then turn to their competition for a while. I listen to the syndicated talkers such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham. I listen to local Philly talk folks such as Dom Giordano and Fox News exile, Dick Morris. I listen online to local talker, James T. Harris, because his program is on in Tuscon, Arizona. I listen online to other radio talkers, such as Herman Cain, Brian Kilmeade and delayed Mark Levin programs.

New to my regular online listening is Christian talk programming, such as Janet Parshall’s In the Market Place and Steve Deace. I really like Steve Deace. He use to be on a local Philly talk  station at his 9 P. M. broadcast time. I do not like that the station bumped him to 3 A. M., so I listen to him online. Mr. Deace discusses the political, social and cultural through a biblical world view.

I am participating in Steve Deace’s weekly (Republican) Candidate Survivor Island in where you vote for the possible Republican presidential candidates that you do not want to see as the 2016 Republican presidential candidate and eventually the next President. So far participants voted Gov. Chris Christie, Rep. Peter King, Jeb Bush and Haley Barbour off the Island. This evening I cast my vote for Donald Trump to be the next to go. If you want to participate, go here. You will have to give your name, email address and answer a few more questions, before you get to the page with the candidates’ names. You will have until next Monday in the afternoon to cast your vote and you will hear Mr. Deace announce who got the boot on his program later that evening or read it on his Facebook page or on Twitter.

I enjoy listening to the various individuals on the right. I do not  agree with them one hundred percent, but I find myself not agreeing with anything I hear coming from liberal lefties. This is a strong indication that I am really maturing in my right-wing thinking. 

Loving Talk Radio in the Kitchen While My Family Members Hate It

Listening to talk radio is still a passion with me. It drives my family members crazy. They feel I hijack the kitchen radio. My nieces do not say much. They just change to their favorite pop music station. The adults would rather hear a popular gospel music station whenever they are in the kitchen, but if I am in there, they feel I am subjecting them to listen to talk, especially right-wing talk that they do not want to hear. One family member just shakes their head whenever they hear Rush Limbaugh talking. I always hear,”Please turn back to the music.”

When I first crossed over to conservatism, I listened to the entire programs of the popular conservative talkers. Today, I do a lot of switching around. I love it when Rush Limbaugh and Rev. Al Sharpton who are on against each other, bloviate on the same subject. I hear one for a while and then listen to the other. There are  a few times when I do not  agree with either one, but I continue to increase in siding with Rush.

Regardless of my political bent, I have always listen to local urban talk radio. Of course, these days, the only times I’m in agreement with the talk hosts on an issue is when it relates to something cultural or behavioral, except for conservative urban talk host, James T. Harris.  My adult family members are just as oppose to listening to the urban left-wing talkers as they are to the right-wing talkers. They even do not want to hear Christian talkers like Janet Parshall on the issues that affect all of us. All I ever hear is, “Do we have to listen to that?” “Turn back to the (gospel) music station.”