Getting Into It With Someone Online

Arguing Online

Firstly, I am single so the, ‘are you coming to bed?’ does not apply to me. I admit I have to pull myself away from the computer at night to go to bed when I get into it with someone online, mostly on Facebook. I did miss doing this for a while when just about all of my online communications were on computers at the local library in the fall up to about Christmas. Now that I am back to having reliable Internet in my home, I am back arguing/debating people into the early mornings and other parts of the day.

Folks on the Democratic side like to challenge my comments on the Facebook page of my strong Obama supporting friend. I went from around 12 midnight Saturday to almost 4 A. M. with someone who remained respectful through out our debate over the Affordable Care Act. Other times I am going back and forth with people on that page in the early morning hours who felt they were saying something intelligent by cursing me out. I also go at it with fellow conservatives over holding back their vote. A few of those Facebook friends continue to defriend me, but I replace them with new friends.

Already today, I am seeing a Facebook meme from a very respected right-wing blogger promoting the idea of conservatives and Republicans not voting in 2014 if Republicans pass amnesty for illegal immigrants. I am definitely against amnesty for illegals and will be very upset with the Republicans that make it happen, but I will never take any action against any of these Republicans that in the end helps Democrats increase in power. The right-wing blogger did not like my response. I will see if he defriends me.

This former Democrat just cannot understand wanting to punish Republicans to the point of helping Democrats increase in power. Look at some of this administrations’ lasting accomplishments such as the Affordable Care Act, which is hurting far more families than it is helping and how this Democratic administrations’ IRS is successfully harassing conservative groups and individuals. Just the thought of another Democratic President and a Democratic House and Senate majority being able to provide unfettered bad policies and laws of the land is beyond scary.

A School Tech Requirement Has Me Thinking Of Times Past

In Knoxville, Tennessee, the Webb School requires their students to own or lease (from the school) an iPad (Children in the photo are not a Webb School Student). The students will have most of their textbooks downloaded  on the iPad. Well, at least it alleviates those book filled back-breaking back packs. Seriously, the requirement is to be expected in this technology driven culture.

I know people today who still hold the attitude that the Internet connected computer in the home is frivolous. I remember a co-worker  who thought so too, until she realized, she could avoid escorting her daughter on trips to the library in the deep cold January and February evenings  to  complete homework and contributions to school group assignments by getting that same information at home on an Internet connected computer.

In a previous post, I blogged about my love for the Internet. I took 2 online colleges courses dealing with the Internet  and early (html) website design before there was an Internet connected computer in my household in 1997-98 . I spent evenings and weekends at Temple University in their computer labs completing assignments and loved every bit of it. I remember when a local university, Drexel U.  started requiring students to have a personal PC with Internet connection to take a class. Today, a laptop is a good thing to carry around with you in college.

I finally had computer with Internet at home when my sister who I lived with (and still do) bought a new computer packaged with AOL Internet connection back around 1999. She wanted her then preschool age twin daughters to be tech savvy.  I still remember my late father marveling over one of my nieces at 5 years old  maneuvering the computer mouse as she brought up a young children’s website. You may not think this is a big deal, but my elderly mother whose  computer savvy was late 1980s word processing  currently marvels at my youngest grammar school niece taking pictures from her cell phones and uploading them on to the Internet.

I am all for technology driven schools. If I were a public school student today, I would desire to be in a technology centered charter school whether online or at a brick and mortar school. Of course, parental preference would be for the latter. This iPad technology at the Webb School is the tech wave crest of school instruction and student application.


Loving the Internet, So Do Not Mess With It!

I cannot imagine life without the Internet today. Back in the mid 90s when I did not have an Internet connected computer, I used my Temple University alumni status to use an Internet computer in one of the many computer labs on the campus. Back then, there was one computer lab, that anyone off the street could use to get on the Internet.

I watched a weeknight MSNBC technology program, The Site (before MSNBC became a leftist machine) at 10 P. M.  hosted by Soledad O’Brien. I use to jot down pointers on improving one’s Internet experience and then after work, I would head over to a Temple U. computer lab and carry them out. In those days, 9 P. M. was the earliest I came home. From The Site, I learned about a free email account. The next evening, I established my first email account, Hotmail, which I still use today. I could not get over what a person could do through email communication!

I later took a few courses on the Internet and  early website (html) design. Because of the Internet,  research for projects is easier to obtain. Business moves at a faster pace. It is so much easier to communicate with people who are far away. There are just so many Internet uses that have made life nicer that cannot be listed here! I started reading blogs and columns, that I would never read in hard copy. Those readings were essential in my going conservative  and doing my own blogging.

Currently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to  increase the power of government over the Internet for regulation. Do we really need that? If you don’t think it is a big deal, think about it possibly leading to an increased  monthly bill for Internet use. This “net neutrality” is not really neutral. Are we headed down the road where the destination is control of the Internet a la China, Venezuela, and Muslim countries? Read more about what this is really about here. Please don’t screw up our Internet access.

NOTE: If you are wondering, Temple University now restricts its computer labs  to enrolled students. The cracked down came after 9/11.  By that time, I was Internet connected at home.