A Cute Rendering of White Christmas

Time to relax with some holiday music showcased in a cute creative little cartoon. Now if you are one of those who think this song can only be sung by Bing Crosby, you can still get into the cute and creative part of this video. This version of this song is only a few years younger than me. My mother continues to feel this version is awful, while it has grown on me over the years.

Sung by the Drifters

To be honest, I do not dream of a white Christmas. If it were up to me, there would be hardly any snow during the winter in southeastern PA. Christmas temperatures would be no colder than the low 50s. Yes, I dream of a bright sunny warm Christmas that doesn’t require wearing a heavy winter coat, gloves or mittens and wrapping up your face in a scarf!  December so far has been colder than usual; thus, a sunny warmer Christmas remains a dream.