Conservatives Fleeing Republicans: Another Rant and a Positive Charge

Republican_ElephantI am sick of these folks on the conservative side throwing in the towel on the Republican Party. I admit that I do not like the Democrat direction the party is going, but I feel the conservative portion of the Republican Party should stay in and fight to take it back from the Carl Roves, Jeb Bushes and all the rest of that non conservative Republican crowd. Republican conservatives are losing in part due to not being able to pass the social positions to the young folks. Many are okay with conservative fiscal positions, but not on such social conservative positions against abortion and gay marriage. That has to be dealt with at the spiritual level. So pray.

Conservatives are angry with elected officials at various levels. Right now much anger is in the direction of  the congressional representatives and senators in Congress. We can’t vote out such senators as the RINO (Republicans In Name Only) labeled John McCain and Lindsey Graham unless we are registered voters in their respective states. We can only pray, hope and maybe send some money for a primary challenger that can win against the Democrat opponent in general election. The primary challengers should be another Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle or Todd Akin. But after saying that, they can come from the TEA Party like Sen. Ted Cruz. Oh, we need Ted Cruz replete throughout this country.

Here I go again. Please, No 3rd party! Too many conservatives want to go that route. Of course while establishing another party, you know that the Democrats will go unfettered as you try to get the 3rd party on the ballot in each state, especially the closed primary states. Just think the Democrats will have the executive, the legislative and the judicial branches of government all to themselves and doing unrepairable damage to this country. I am still for holding on and fighting from within. We can do it. Well at least Glenn Beck believes so. I leave you with his positive charge to fleeing Republicans.



Post Election Thoughts on The Republicans and Democrats.

Well, starting with my Sunday Veterans Day post,  it has been about 2 months since my last post. I did not mean to take this long of a hiatus from blogging, but I did. I had a gut feeling that Mitt Romney was not going to win the presidential election, but did get my hopes up a little seeing such large enthusiastic crowds at the Romney rallies. The pundits on the right got it so wrong. For example, Glenn Beck predicted over 300 electoral vote victory for Romney.  How wrong was that? I knew not to get excited over Dick Morris’s landslide prediction for Mr. Romney. His wrong predictions extremely outweigh his correct ones.

People everywhere are saying that the Republican Party is in shambles and needs to change. Radio talker and libertarian minded, but Republican voter Neal Boortz does not like the social issues wing of the Republican Party. He along with so many others blame that wing for pushing the anti-abortion stand. Then there are those who point to the Republican Party being anti-gay and anti-immigration.

Please, Republicans Party do not change your platform on issues that will turn you into a democratic lite political party. It is fine with me that the Republican Party is anti-abortion, pro traditional family and anti-illegal immigration.

The Democrats are really not about personal responsibility. That phony “War on Women” proves it. The real “War on Women” is in the Islamic Middle East and it is showing up in countries of Islamic immigration.  Late last summer at the Democratic Presidential Convention, I found it awful that even the First Lady, Michelle Obama emphasized a woman’s right to free birth control and the right to choose which is really the right to abort/kill unborn babies, all at taxpayers’ expense. It saddens me to see that so many women in this country agree with the First Lady. God help us if the Republicans go that direction.

The Democrat Party is officially pro gay everything. They are behind the gay lifestyle being taught in public schools. I cannot go with that. Single as I am, I am pro traditional marriage and traditional family. The pro-illegal immigration does have some Republican backers. The latest to join that side is conservative radio talker and TV host, Sean Hannity. I do admit I think something should be done only for children brought here by their illegal immigrating parents. That does not include giving them  instate college tuition rates or types of privileges that put them ahead of citizens in this country.

I am seeing too many Republicans giving up. Some of my Facebook friends have gone to posting pictures of cutesy animals in place of hard-hitting pro Republican and conservative news links. Not me! As a former Democrat, I remember when the Democratic Party went through similar tough times. They did not give up. They did not become Republican lite. In fact, they went further left and now we have Barack Obama for a 2nd term. Yes, Republicans need to evaluate what went right and wrong and then positively move on to push conservative ideas for future victories.

Not a Fit Representative!

What is it with the Democratic liberal left, especially those in the black community who get so whacked out over a black Republican. The following quote is from NAACP’s  senior vice president for advocacy and policy, Hilary Shelton on Alveda King, who is the niece of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Alveda King isn’t a fit representative of the “I have a dream” message her uncle left for the nation because, he said, she’s “undeniably a very long-term committed Republican and is pro-life.”

Alveda King has chosen to speak at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally on the same day as Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network’s annual Reclaim the Dream rally backed by NACCP’s head, Ben Jealous on the 47th anniversary of her uncle’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

Now really,  how is she not fit because she is a Republican and pro-life? Hilary Shelton is presumptuous with that statement. Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was against abortion.  Some say MLK was a Republican, some say he did not identify with either of the 2 major political parties. It is universally agreed that her grandfather, Martin Luther King Sr (Daddy King) was a registered Republican.

In the South, before the mid 1960s,  blacks that were able to get past the poll taxes and stupid poll tests ( for example, guessing the correct number of marbles in a large jar or reciting parts of the U.S. Constitution) were often still denied registration.  Many southern blacks that could vote where usually registered by the Republican Party which did not have a lot southern members back then. Condaleeza Rice is a Republican due in part to the Republicans in her home state of Alabama registering her father to vote, when the the Democratic Party refused.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King fought against the Jim Crow segregation that was instituted and maintained by the Democratic South. So being a Republican hardly makes his niece an unfit representative. Hilary Shelton should review Jim Crow and civil rights history.

This notion that if MLK were here today, he would be at Rev Sharpton’s event as opposed to Glenn Beck’s is not correct.  The main point of the “I Have a Dream” speech was disavowing skin color and putting the main emphasis on the content of one’s character.  Rev. Sharpton  and Ben Jealous are still too caught up on the skin color. Restoring Honor has much to do with the content of one’s character. Alveda King choose the right rally to attend. Read more about her here.