The Pro-Life Victory in Texas

In the end, the frantic efforts of Texas State Senator, Wendy Davis to keep the ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy failed. Sen. Davis filibustered for 10 or 11 hours to delay the vote. There were reports that she had herself catheterized so she would not have to deal with bathroom issues. Sen. Davis achieved a temporary victory when her filibustering forced the vote to start late. Wendy D_Gov RickThere were enough votes to pass the bill, but the late vote ended a few minutes after the required 12:00 a. m. deadline; therefore,  the vote was not valid.

The Texas Governor, Rick Perry and legislative supporters of the abortion ban bill reintroduced it a few days later. The next vote on the ban went through ban is now law in the proper time despite the loud wild protests. The abortion passed 20 weeks in the state. Pro-lifers won. Some early results of this new law in Texas are the closing of 3 Planned Parenthood abortion clinics.

During all the drama from protesters against this abortion ban, a video emerged with abortion proponents chanting “Hail Satan.” Many argue that it is just 1 person saying it. Another video emerged. In this video, there is no denying that you can hear the “Hail Satan” Chant against a woman making an anti-abortion speech. This can hear it from 1 person at 3:35 and then the chanting starting at 5:15. Hail the Lord through Jesus Christ that the enemy, Satan did not prevail in Texas stopping abortion after 20 weeks.