Post Election Thoughts on The Republicans and Democrats.

Well, starting with my Sunday Veterans Day post,  it has been about 2 months since my last post. I did not mean to take this long of a hiatus from blogging, but I did. I had a gut feeling that Mitt Romney was not going to win the presidential election, but did get my hopes up a little seeing such large enthusiastic crowds at the Romney rallies. The pundits on the right got it so wrong. For example, Glenn Beck predicted over 300 electoral vote victory for Romney.  How wrong was that? I knew not to get excited over Dick Morris’s landslide prediction for Mr. Romney. His wrong predictions extremely outweigh his correct ones.

People everywhere are saying that the Republican Party is in shambles and needs to change. Radio talker and libertarian minded, but Republican voter Neal Boortz does not like the social issues wing of the Republican Party. He along with so many others blame that wing for pushing the anti-abortion stand. Then there are those who point to the Republican Party being anti-gay and anti-immigration.

Please, Republicans Party do not change your platform on issues that will turn you into a democratic lite political party. It is fine with me that the Republican Party is anti-abortion, pro traditional family and anti-illegal immigration.

The Democrats are really not about personal responsibility. That phony “War on Women” proves it. The real “War on Women” is in the Islamic Middle East and it is showing up in countries of Islamic immigration.  Late last summer at the Democratic Presidential Convention, I found it awful that even the First Lady, Michelle Obama emphasized a woman’s right to free birth control and the right to choose which is really the right to abort/kill unborn babies, all at taxpayers’ expense. It saddens me to see that so many women in this country agree with the First Lady. God help us if the Republicans go that direction.

The Democrat Party is officially pro gay everything. They are behind the gay lifestyle being taught in public schools. I cannot go with that. Single as I am, I am pro traditional marriage and traditional family. The pro-illegal immigration does have some Republican backers. The latest to join that side is conservative radio talker and TV host, Sean Hannity. I do admit I think something should be done only for children brought here by their illegal immigrating parents. That does not include giving them  instate college tuition rates or types of privileges that put them ahead of citizens in this country.

I am seeing too many Republicans giving up. Some of my Facebook friends have gone to posting pictures of cutesy animals in place of hard-hitting pro Republican and conservative news links. Not me! As a former Democrat, I remember when the Democratic Party went through similar tough times. They did not give up. They did not become Republican lite. In fact, they went further left and now we have Barack Obama for a 2nd term. Yes, Republicans need to evaluate what went right and wrong and then positively move on to push conservative ideas for future victories.

A Little More Gloating and A Cautious Outlook.

I know the Gov. Scott Walker victory is now old news, but my small amount of gloating expanded. In addition to my gloating over MSNBC prime-time personalities, the gloating extends to DNC (Democratic National Committee) chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Dry run alright! If the presidential election were held today, Pres. Obama would lose. Listen to her spin on the Walker Victory and Piers Morgan challenging it here.

Wisconsin was no dry run for November, but regardless of the indications of the Walker victory, I stay on  the side of caution for the presidential election. I will not say that Pres. Obama will lose in November. For one thing, There are the disaffected conservatives who will stay home in November or vote for a 3rd party presidential candidate. But even more importantly, there are the Independent voters. They will pretty much decide the presidential election.

These Independents turn their support of the Pres. off and on. Right now the support is on the “off switch” position. If something happens on the scale of the Bin Laden capture under this current administration’s watch in mid/late October, the support will be in the “on switch” position and they will vote for Barack Obama. If nothing like that happens and the economy continues to go down the drain, the Independents’ support switch will be in the off position for the Nov 6th presidential election.

He Remains Gov. Scott Walker

There is so much joy over Gov. Scott Walker’s victory! The recall failed and he is still the Governor of Wisconsin. I prayed for his victory. Thank you Lord. I admit I gloated over the victory in relation to MSNBC’s Ed Schultz and Lawrence O’Donnell. I was watching Fox News, but went to MSNBC to see how they accepted and spun the victory.

I am hearing from those on the pro recall side that the failure to dump Gov. Walker was due in part to the GOP playing some successful dirty tricks. One was a robo-call saying that if you signed the petition to recall Gov. Walker, it counts as a vote and you do not have to go to the polls. First off, both the Republicans and Democrats are guilty of dirty voting tricks.  Now really, what voter who has a brain would believe that when he/she signed a recall petition, that counted as a vote? Republicans responsible for this robo-call were wrong, truly desperate and did not believe Gov. Walker would survive the recall. On the Democrat side, there were reports of Democrats being bussed in from Michigan to vote against Gov. Walker. Wondering? Well, Wisconsin has same day registration.

In all the jubilation over the Walker victory and believe me, listening to the right-sided radio talkers and watching Fox News, only Michelle Malkin talked of caution, because there were a few Wisconsin State Republicans who also faced recall. Republican state Sen. Van Wanggaard lost to his Democratic challenger. Those on the jubilant right are ignoring this loss. There maybe a recount, because his loss puts the Democrats in the majority in the state senate. As fantastic as this recall failure victory is, a Democratic takeover of the state senate is not good for Gov. Walker.

It’s Mitt

Mitt Romney won the Texas Primary giving him the necessary delegates to clinch the GOP nomination. Ron Paul who is a Texas Congressional Representative received a real good put down. What I find interesting is when it was certain about the Romney victory, there were hardly if any post of the victory headline from my 3700 conservative and libertarian Facebook friends (the other 1000 are liberal/leftist Democrats, which includes a few trolls trying to pass as conservatives). I know the Romney victory is not good news for many conservatives.

Yes, Mitt Romney is conservative light, but I disagree with those who feel he is another Barack Obama. I just do not think a Romney administration would resemble what has gone down on the economy under Pres. Obama.  Really, do you think he would have economic advisers and supporters trying to tell us that continued spending of money which is really not there is the best way to get out of the current economic mess while the national debt continues to soar?

Pres. Obama just gave the National Medal of Freedom to the honorary chair of the Democratic Socialist of America. Well, what does that indicate to you? The indication to me is that the Pres. will be pushing more socialism if he gets a 2nd term. I do not see Mitt Romney doing that.

Okay all of you on the conservative side that do not like Mitt Romney, work at getting past your issues with him. Please do not sit at home or vote for some 3rd party candidate that will not even get 15 million votes this Nov 6th and allow Barack Obama to do his non capitalist thing for another 4 years.


Well, I voted in the closed PA primary. Firstly, I must tell you that I was lax and let my PA ID expire. PA just passed the Voter ID law. I felt so convicted that I spent the afternoon getting an up-to-date ID. Although the law will not be in effect until I vote in November, the poll workers were asking for ID as a practice run. I felt good about being able to show ID when I voted in the evening.

I have already ranted about not having the choice of candidates like the voters have in Iowa and New Hampshire. If the PA primary was held in January or February, I could have voted my heart. In April and after there is really no choice. Voting your heart at this late date for a candidate that clearly has no chance of securing the delegates to get the nomination is futile.

I voted pragmatically for Mitt Romney. I see people voted for Rick Santorum, my true choice, but he is officially out of the race. That is futility, which is not worth it. It is a wasted vote. My 2nd choice, Newt Gingrich does not have a chance. His candidacy along with Santorum’s has resulted in deep debt. That  is really the biggest result of their candidacies. Ron Paul never had a chance. A vote at this point for either one is also a wasted vote.

There were a few candidates vying to be the Republican challenger to Sen. Robert P. Casey’s seat. The candidate that I voted for lost. Tom Smith is the Republican challenger. I will vote for him in November against Sen Casey.  For me, the bottom line is a Republican sweep in November – Presidency, Senate and House.