Career Day in 2014

Gary Varvel_Career DayGary Varvel Cartoon

This is sad, but it is a reality of today’s economy. There are young college graduates finding themselves working in fast food and/or taking more than 1 part-time job. They thought they would be employed by an organization, big company or etc. making a nice salary with good benefits. Do you support and did you vote for Barack Obama for President?  We are now into the 6th year of his presidency. It is not intelligent to continue to blame George W. Bush for the state of the economy 6 years after his presidency. This economy that delivers low skilled full-time and non benefit part-time jobs over skilled full-time jobs with benefits is the Obama economy.

The Economy…….What!

Michael Ramirez CartoonMichael Ramirez_Obama year to year

What did Pres. Obama say about fixing the economy back on February 1, 2009? In 2014, the economy continues to be far from good. The Pres. received from citizen votes, citizens not voting and voter corruption as some accuse to have a 2nd term. I know his supporters among my family/friend circle refuse to blame him for almost anything. Since Pres. Obama still gets away with not being held accountable, I think the response in the March 2014 Obama image in the cartoon is true. Politically, he stopped caring about the state of the economy.

It’s Mitt

Mitt Romney won the Texas Primary giving him the necessary delegates to clinch the GOP nomination. Ron Paul who is a Texas Congressional Representative received a real good put down. What I find interesting is when it was certain about the Romney victory, there were hardly if any post of the victory headline from my 3700 conservative and libertarian Facebook friends (the other 1000 are liberal/leftist Democrats, which includes a few trolls trying to pass as conservatives). I know the Romney victory is not good news for many conservatives.

Yes, Mitt Romney is conservative light, but I disagree with those who feel he is another Barack Obama. I just do not think a Romney administration would resemble what has gone down on the economy under Pres. Obama.  Really, do you think he would have economic advisers and supporters trying to tell us that continued spending of money which is really not there is the best way to get out of the current economic mess while the national debt continues to soar?

Pres. Obama just gave the National Medal of Freedom to the honorary chair of the Democratic Socialist of America. Well, what does that indicate to you? The indication to me is that the Pres. will be pushing more socialism if he gets a 2nd term. I do not see Mitt Romney doing that.

Okay all of you on the conservative side that do not like Mitt Romney, work at getting past your issues with him. Please do not sit at home or vote for some 3rd party candidate that will not even get 15 million votes this Nov 6th and allow Barack Obama to do his non capitalist thing for another 4 years.

It is Still Bush’s Fault

I continue to hear from those in my neck of the woods, online and from liberal commenters on the radio how Pres. Obama came into a big mess left by George W. Bush. Again and Again, it is Bush’s fault. The state of the economy under Pres. Obama is still Bush’s fault. On the chart below, take a good look at what Pres. Obama inherited and what we have now due to what has gone down during the Obama Administration.

Yes liberals lie, but lying can be found among conservatives too! Now on this issue of the state of the economy when Pres. Obama took office as oppose to the current state of the economy under his watch, some liberals are lying, while other liberals are believing those lies.