From My Conservative Minority Archive

Here is a blast from the past. The following is an old blog post of mine from my former Conservative Minority blog at Opera.

Do You Know About Takiyya?

During my childcare years I came across a few little girls named Takiyya. Most with that name did not have that exact spelling. But I wonder did their mothers know the Islamic meaning of takiyya or did they just see it as an exotic middle east sounding name. When I first heard that name on a little girl, I thought the latter. I did not react like I did when I heard a mother on a bus in north Philly call her son’s name which was Jihad.

Well now I react to hearing Takiyya as a little girl’s name as I did when I heard the little boy being called Jihad. Takiyya means caution fear or disguise and is a Quran approved injunction for Muslims. Takiyya allows for misleading and lying to advance Islam. It is infused into just about all Muslim endeavors and transactions with non-Muslim societies be it sacred or secular.

Sura 2:225 Allah will not call you to account for thoughtlessness in your oaths, but for the intentions in your hearts…

There is growing concern now that Pres. Obama is really a Muslim since his recent Middle East trip. Some are saying that he is practicing takiyya. I am not there (yet) with the “Obama really is a Muslim,” but I do feel he is now unleashing his “simpatico with the Muslims” self. He has extolled the Quran like the bible, claimed the United States is one of the largest growing Muslim nations, and let’s not forget his bowing to the Saudi King. Like I said, I haven’t come to Pres. Obama being a Muslim, but when I put the takiyya injunction into the mix, I can’t help wonder not just about Pres. Obama, but also Muslims in general.

Two examples of actions done in the state of takiyya:

  • Remember the Danish Cartoons! Well some Muslims added more “insulting Mohammad” cartoons to the ones that caused the rioting to help whip up the frenzy and violence against Europeans.
  • In Pakistan, numerous Muslims backed by mosques bared false witness under oath in accusations of blaspheming Mohammad against Christians and Hindus by presenting such things as torn pages from a Quran. Those accused have been sent off to prison for a long time and their families have become outcasts.

Of course I coud go further with Muslims being in the state of takiyya and the possibilities because of it, but that is at least another post. The two takiyya examples I gave, come from the book The Mosque Exposed by S. Solomon and E. Alamagdisi. The book is about the unrealized power of the Mosque and its emanations. It is a small book which can be read in a few hours, but it is packed with startling information for those who are not quite up on the practices of Muslims from the Mosque.