More Thoughts on Martin and the Zimmerman Verdict

Trayvon Martin1Over the months, I saw mean reactions to Trayvon Martin’s death, such as being glad he was gone and the world is a better place without him. I saw a lot of, ‘he was a thug and deserved what happened to him.’ These reactions do not begin to sit well with me. I read about young Mr. Martin being suspended from his high school, finding jewelry and a burglary tool in his backpack (or school locker). Off course that does not sound good, but I did not read anywhere of him being arrested and charged with burglary or any other crime. Trayvon Martin did not deserve death.

I do believe when the fight ensued between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, young Mr. Martin got the best of the fight with the head butting on concrete. Mr. Zimmerman pulled out his gun and shot him when he would not stop. I do not believe George Zimmerman deliberately hunted down and shot young Mr. Martin. But then, what I or you believe does not matter. It’s was the jury’s call. According to the laws of Florida, the testimonies and evidence presented in court, the jury rendered a not guilty verdict on George Zimmerman. They saw the shooting as self-defense.

George Z1The emotions are fever pitched from many who feel Mr. Zimmerman got away with murdering Trayvon Martin and should now be in prison. Many do not believe the testimonies or evidence. Some do believe that no fight occurred and that Mr. Zimmerman deliberately stalked and shot to kill the young teen. Others are angry at the jury for rendering a verdict based on Florida law as it relates to self-defense. BTW, the defense team never argued Florida’s specific Stand Your Ground Law in defending George Zimmerman.

As extremely terrible as Trayvon Martin’s death is, too many folks of color are making this the tragedy of the century while ignoring the deaths of young black men, teens and young children that continue to happen in Chicago, Illinois. Arrests go begging there. It is blacks killing blacks and that should at least get equal enragement to the Martin death if not more. We had this argument in my household. Family members shouted me down. They tell me black on black deaths are different. Trayvon Martin’s death is in the worst of the worst category of whites, (and Zimmerman’s so-called whiteness is another debate) getting away with murdering black males. There was a time when I thought like that, but now the enraged anger over white on black murder while mitigating black on black murders does not fly with me.

As If We Did not Know! Drugs Did It to Whitney Houston

I loved the voice of Whitney Houston until she lost it due to her personal illegal drug loving behavior. I remember my late father who was a scoffer of  90% of the singers of popular music, thought Whitney was special and a true exception among the untalented popular million selling record artists. I loved her music through the soundtrack of the movie, the Preacher’s Wife. After that, her music went hip hop (because some said her music was too white sounding) which did not make the best of her vocal abilities. I also think the drugs had already made their disastrous effects on her vocal chords. Singing songs in the hip hop style did not require her once beautiful vocal range.

With the Coroner’s Office releasing the official autopsy report, one can see that this woman destroyed herself with drugs. I started to do this post when the reports came out on the web that she died from the legal prescription, Xanax and liquor. That would have made it easier to take, well at least for her family. What stopped me, was hearing Whoppi Goldberg expressing the Xanax/liquor thing was not official and that we really do not know what killed her, so I waited for the official report thinking it could be worse. But really, Ms. Goldberg was saying that to deflect from the suspected illegal drug taking and those she considers to be self-righteous who were already saying “See, I told you so.” Well, now we know and we were told so!

Whitney Houston died from an accidental drowning. Cocaine, marijuana, anti-anxiety Xanax,  muscle relaxant Flexeril and Benadryl were found in her system. The report also said that Whitney Houston had drug related heart disease and that cocaine contributed to her death. Cocaine was not found anywhere in her hotel suite; thus, someone was enabling her while she was reportedly off illegal drugs. Whitney Houston claimed salvation through Jesus Christ, but allowed her death bound fleshly passions to take the major stage and as the final result, she is   dead at 48 years of age.

Additional: Go here to read more about the official autopsy report.

Andrew Breitbart Gone

Oh, it is so hard to believe that Andrew Breitbart is dead! What a shock! There are nasty mean tweets out there on his passing. Shame on those people who are doing that. Liberal lefty Donna Brazile tweeted the following:

“Andrew Breitbart was a conservative political combatant who was unafraid of his critics. We battled on and off the air, but he was a genius.”

Now that was respectful coming from a person who opposed Mr. Breitbart.

Andrew Breitbart had no fear. He was the conservative who would come on lefty type programs like Bill Maher’s Real Time. He was the conservative who did interviews on cable news stations other than Fox News. He was the conservative with a wonderful conservative news website. Most importantly, he was the great conservative investigative journalist. His investigations into ACORN brought it down. Mr. Breitbart’s investigation into former Rep. Anthony Weiner, made the married Mr. Weiner confess that he lied about being hacked and that his sex based tweets to other women, especially the photo tweet of his private part, true. Reports are out that Mr. Breitbart had astonishing video on Pres. Obama during his college years that he was holding back until this fall. When people on the left would try to ambush him in public, he go right back at them and then some with the facts.

I did flip-flop on the Shirley Sherrod controversy, but finally grounded myself on his side. I told him so on his Facebook page. His response to me was very touching. I saw him in person at the Uni-TEA in Philly 2 summers ago. Here he is at CPAC 2012.

My condolences to Andrew Breitbart’s family.  Oh, will he be missed!

A Few Thoughts About What is Going On in Japan

With all the death and destruction and the fears of migrating radiation due to the earthquake, tsunami and aftershocks in Japan, my heart and prayers goes out to the Japanese people. They seem to have a terrifically strong resolve. I saw ABC Nightly News’ Diane Sawyer questioning people in extremely long lines for water and other essentials, quietly and patiently waiting their turn.

Is it a surprise that there has been no looting! Being human, we probably may hear about some negative behavior as the days progress along with the bad conditions. But for now, it is good to take notice of  how the Japanese people most affected, are handling the consequences of the horrific natural disasters. And talking about those most affected! What about the workers (and their family members) working an uphill battle to keep the nuclear plants from having a meltdown! Really, going inside and being exposed to all that radiation even with the protective gear!

I am guessing like me, you are positively overwhelmed when you hear of the miraculous coming out of horrendous events. Thus, I leave you with the photo of a baby who survived being buried under rubble and mud for about 3 days after being swept away out of her parent’s arms. Praise the Lord! She is fine and now back with her very thankful parents. Read more here.