This Uncle Tom Labeling

Oh, the folks who are into labeling black people Uncle Toms for not seeing things through race as they see them! Alabama State Representative, Alvin Holmes  is one of those folks. This man holds a B.S., M. Ed, M.A., and a LL.D degree; therefore, one would be surprised by his narrow racist thinking that caused him to call and defend his statement that Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas is an Uncle Tom. He also did not like the fact that Justice Thomas married a white woman.

Rep. Holmes sounds so ridiculous! I am so thankful I escaped out of group black think. It is obvious that Rep. Holmes is very entrenched in group black think with roots growing down to the core of the earth.Josiah P Henson and wife Hey, it is the human race and not viewing life through the tunnel vision of a particular race. Again, I must say that calling someone an Uncle Tom is really a compliment.

It surprises me how people do not know that Harriet Beecher Stowe based the Uncle Tom character in her Uncle Tom’s Cabin on Josiah P. Henson. Mr. Henson was born a slave who escaped to Canada and led hundreds upon hundreds of slaves to their wonderful freedom through the underground railroad. He was a Methodist minister and started a settlement house called the Dawn Institute in Canada which taught trades to people who had escaped enslavement. Read more here. So if you are ready to label someone an Uncle Tom, know that you are really complementing that person.

Note: Photo of Josiah P Henson and his wife, Nancy shared through the Zinn Education Project on Facebook

Dr. Melissa Harris Perry is at It Again

Remember the pro-abortion folks who protested at the state capital in Austin, Texas against a bill that stopped abortions past the 20th week of pregnancy? The reports were that the police confiscated from them such questionable protest items as tampons, bricks, condoms, plastic baggies of urine and fecal matter. The plan was to throw these items at pro-life lawmakers. In the end their protest was futile, because the bill is now law in the state of Texas.

Well, the super leftist and abortion advocate, Dr. Melissa Harris Perry on her low rated weekend MSNBC program showed pro-abortion women how to keep from getting tampons confiscated for their next protest battle. She along with other ‘pro abortion at anytime during pregnancy’ folks stay away from the term, abortion and instead say reproductive rights. All the same, it is still baby killing.

Note: Of the 2 people you see at the beginning of the video, the man is David Webb. He was there to argue his conservative viewpoint on ‘people of privilege.’

Arguing Panelists

Panelists, Bob Beckel and Pamela Geller go at it Eric Bolling’s Fox Business News program. Off course, I side with Ms. Geller.  Mr. Beckel’s response to her factual statements is outrageous. He results to  personal attacks. That is what you do when you can’t refute with facts.  Mr.  Beckel told another panelist, David Webb that we should not forget  the 9/11 date,  but [at the same time] we should get over it. I guess next year he will go into hiding or maybe leave the country on the 10th anniversary of that horrific day. Well, you can see the tempers fly in the video.

..Note: Youtube removed the original video posted on this page; therefore, as of 10/6/2010 this another video covering the same argument.