Raised Minimum Wage

Gary Varvel_minimum wage hikeGary Varvel Cartoon

Yes, this will be happening if/when the minimum wage hikes to $10.00 an hour or even as some proposed, $15.00 an hour becomes law of the land. Some otherwise very intelligent people strongly feel that the employer should personally take a pay cut so that every low hourly wage employee benefits from the wage increase and no one gets laid off.  We are well down that road where you end up in a cul-de-sac of mixed socialism and communism.

I use to think that wealthier people owed those making less money more pay. That is leftist thinking. Now that I think the opposite, I cannot get over how so many people feel wealthier employers owe their employees more of their personal profits. Some of these same people are okay with raising taxes to help equalize pay and benefits for everyone. Why are more and more people so into the government taking from those who are reaping the benefits of  establishing a successful business?

Unscripted: Foot in Mouth

Chip Bok Cartoon

No, somebody else did not make that happen. Pres. Obama put his own foot in his mouth with his no teleprompter/unscripted comments about individuals not building businesses on their own. That speech was kind of strange and then not so strange, because he just let it all out i.e. that government socialist inner Obama. He is in hot water with business owners of all sizes. So now the Pres. is trying to walk it back, BTW, Pres. Obama just contradicts himself when he tries to walk it back. He is even trying to sound like he did in 2008. Back then, he projected himself as a centrist. But he did not fool me. I was suspicious of  that ‘change’ mantra.

I do not know what a respectable number of Republicans, Moderates and Independents thought when they heard and fell for his “Do you want to see fundamental change” question. Barack Obama was not all that specific about what the fundamental change was going to be. A fundamental change for our country really would have to go in the direction of fascism, socialism or communism.  We are going deeper into socialism with the Affordable Health Care Law. As the presidential election moves on, be ready for some more unscripted “foot in mouth” non free market and pro-government growing comments  from Pres. Obama.

A Few Occupy Images

There was a time when I would have initially supported the Occupy Movement. I say initially, because before the 1980s as a young Democrat, it did not bother me one way or the other, when those on the conservative side compared the Democrat party to communists. During the Reagan Administration, I started feeling differently. As a liberal Democrat, I was just as American and country loving as those on the conservative right. I detested and cringed whenever the opposition labeled Democratic Party folks  commie pinkos or names that conveyed that sentiment.

Today many from within the Democratic Party are condoning the leftist Occupy Movement from Pres. Obama to folks in my family/relatives/friends circle. See the list of notable supporters here.

Here are a few images from the Occupy Movement. If I were still a Democrat, these images would deeply embarrass me!


This is bad enough! I will not show the one of a man defecating on the American Flag.


Nasty, Nasty!


How do you feel about the Occupiers doing this to the closest ATM that you need immediately?


Free Markets give freedom.


Oh yes it does too! And as much as many would like it to be, a job is not a right.


Praise the Lord, I never believed this thing some people have about the Jewish People being greedy money changers.


If you support the Occupiers, do you support this?


 It actually says the full “F” word. Super Nasty! Okay Democrats, are you for doing the “F”ing thing to capitalism?

Note: Images are from michellmalkin.com and ExposedTheMedia.com

Socialists and Communists Rally!

I watched Al Sharpton smugly touting the racially and ethnically diverse crowd in his efforts to play down Geraldo Rivera’s question about the communists organizations that were prominent at the One Nation Rally. I say, “So what” to the diversity since the rally had its share of socialists and communists. It didn’t bother Mr. Sharpton in the least about conservatives seeing the red meat in the  socialist/communist participation. Read about the participation here.

When I was a Democrat, I cringed when conservatives made communists connection accusations to any liberal activity.  If you are a Democrat liberal, how did you  feel about the socialist/communist  prominence at this rally? Check out the signs at the One Nation Rally in the video.


You are listening to the Russian National Anthem