Among Republicans and Democrats

Well, a few months of time went between this post and my last one. I am still notRepubs_Dems back into blogging as I thought. So much went down between my February post and now! I get teased by my Democratic family members and friends about all the possible Republican presidential candidates. One online Democratic friend enjoys teasing me about how the Republicans love eating their own. That person is looking forward to the Republican debates to see that in great action. This person also feels the Republican eating of their own is the main reason the RNC cut down the number of debates for up and coming Republican presidential debates.

Of course, I responded with the fact that they had no choice and that there were plenty of Democrats who were not all that happy with only having Hillary Clinton as their only choice as their Democratic presidential candidate. Now, that has changed. Even though it is not much of a challenging choice, self-described Democratic socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent announced he is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. I hear the former Democratic Baltimore Mayor and former Maryland Governor, Martin O’Malley most likely will also be a Democratic presidential candidate.

On the Republican side, I do not have one sure choice. I do like Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Scott Walker. For now, I am not even considering possible presidential candidates, Jeb Bush or Chris Christie or Republican presidential candidates who do not have any elective office experience. I admit due to sentimental reasons, I do care for Mike Huckabee. He has the RINO label, because of his taxing record as Governor of Arkansas. I was for Huckabee for President as a new Republican in 2008. I did not get to vote for him because Sen. John McCain had won enough votes and delegates to get the Republican presidential nomination before the PA presidential primary took place. Well, not being able to have my vote counted in the presidential primary/caucus season is another blog post.

Republicans are putting forth a great range of choice. We even have the one thing that we face accusations of not having and that is diversity. Besides whites, Republicans have a black man, latino men, and a woman as declared presidential candidates. The Democrats so far have two aging people of the same race, one being a woman. The third/new party cry is only coming from the conservative and Republican side. Oh, that would considerably split the conservatives and Republicans and again give the presidency to the Democrats. I do not want another Democrat elected to be our next President.

Watching the Presidential Conventions

I started being a presidential convention watcher the summer I turned 17 in 1968. There was no cable back in those days. TV was pretty much the 3 major broadcast networks and they all showed the conventions. In Philly there was a minor exception of UHF channels for non convention viewing options. At that time in Philly, we had channels 17 and 48. Channel 17 gave the clearer picture with old movies. so that was the choice in my household against the Republican convention. I did watch much of the 68  Chicago  Democratic convention due to the televised violent protests. I paid more attention to the Democratic conventions until 1984. While still very much a Democrat, I did make a point to watch the 1984 Republican convention due to my curiosity at the time for black Republicans.

From then on I watched both Democrat and Republican conventions.  I still get a laugh when thinking back to the late Texas Governor, Ann Richards’ really funny speech against George Herbert Walker Bush at the 1988 Democrat Convention. I started work earlier that day at 7:30 a.m.. I never went home after work but killed time until the start of Vacation Bible School at my church (I was the assistant director). When I got home that evening a little after 9 p. m., I turned on the TV to watch the remainder of the convention. The late Governor Richards was hilarious. But the Democrat presidential candidate, Michael Dukakis eventually lost. In another little interesting tidbit, that was the first time seeing Bill Clinton and I automatically thought that he would be president within the decade.  It only took 4 years.

I really enjoyed this 2012 Republican convention. I even think if I was still a Democrat, I would be quietly liking it. A Democratic member in my household gave it a thumbs up. I responded in front of the TV  at home to the wonderful speeches like the delegates did in Tampa. I know some Republicans/conservatives did not like Gov. Chris Christie’s speech as I did. It was not red meat enough for some, but he made the right points. I also liked Gov. Scott Brown’s and Gov. Nikki Haley’s speech. The Wednesday night speeches of Gov. Susana Martinez, Condoleezza Rice who was absolutely fabulous, and Republican VP candidate, Rep Paul Ryan topped the convention for me. I love the budgeting, numbers crunching Ryan. I am so glad, Romney picked him to be his running mate. Pres. Obama and the Democrats do not have anyone in economic matters that comes even close to Rep. Ryan.

Mitt Romney’s speech was a good Republican energizer. Yes, I know he is conservative-light, but I go with him and Rep. Ryan over the already proven socialist directed, increased government controlling and economy depleting Obama/Biden ticket. We really do not need another four years of those two. I will be watching the Democratic Convention for a 2nd time as a Republican. I will be looking for the spin, condoning of illicit social behavior, going for the emotional (and racial) heart-strings and the ignoring of the hard cold economic facts.

Get Rid of Those Rehired Central Falls High School Teachers

Okay, what is with Rhode Island’s Central Falls High school? If you recall, the school district fired ill performing teachers. They legally fought their firings and won. They returned to their jobs. One would think that these teachers would be grateful for the outcome. How many people are you personally aware of being fired and then have the termination revoked and return to work? In these downed economic times when people are being laid off regardless of how well they perform their job duties, getting a chance to return to work after being fired is very rare. One would think the teachers would return to work with a mind for success. So why are many of rehired  Central Falls High School teachers playing the game of call out? Most importantly, why are they hurting their students’ education?

To be rehired, the teachers agreed to work a longer school day, undergo more rigorous evaluations and provide more after-school tutoring, but they are calling out instead. They sure do not care about their personal integrity and being viewed as liars. These selfish teachers are getting back at those who fired them and saying to H#!! with the students. There is a prevailing negative attitude about the teaching profession, such as seen in TV programing i.e. teachers being the butt of jokes on comedy shows. There is also the proverbial saying, “Those who can, can, but those who can’t teach.”

I have the highest regard for school teachers. What these Central Falls High School teachers are doing is furthering negative attitudes of classroom teaching and doing great damage to their students’ education. That school district needs Gov. Chris Christie and Michelle Rhee. Shame on those Falls High Teachers. Since they are not doing what they agreed to do to be rehired, they need to be fired for good this time and not just from teaching in that highs school but from the teaching profession. Read more about it here.

Starting to Consider the 2012 Republican Presidential Possibilities

I guess it is time to start considering who to possibly support for the Presidency on the Republican side. People on the conservative side are getting excited about having a presidential victory like recent congressional one.  I am not so sure about that. I think Pres. Obama may win a second term. Of course, it will delight me to be wrong, but I see him winning like Bill Clinton won a second term through a sea of increased Republican victories in the both Houses of Congress back in 1996.  Well if this scenario plays itself again, having Congress fully Republican with a second termed Pres. Obama will work. If the Pres. tries to put forth agenda items like Obamacare, with a dominated Republican Congress, they will not see the light of day.

As for the possibility of a Republican presidential candidate that could win against Pres. Obama, as much as I like Sarah Palin, I do not think she would win. Left-wingers (those who believe in prayer) are praying and hoping for her to be the Republican candidate, because they are so sure that she would get the same vote totals or less as John McCain got in 2008 against Pres. Obama. Radio right-wing talkers like Neil Boortz, Michael Medved and Dominic Giordano feel the same way.

Early in the last presidential election, I was for Mike Huckabee. If he runs again, I will hold back and see who else stands out, because at this point most of the current prospects are not screaming president to me. I grew to like Newt Gingrich, but he still has character issues dodging him. Michigan Governor Tim Pawlenty wants to run and is making TV talk show visits to increase his visibility. He needs that, because I am sure that a good portion of you reading this are saying, “Tim Who!” Mitt Romney was a possibility with me, until I realized he is responsible for a state version of Obamacare in Massachusetts. He is going to have to come up with some great accomplishments and good ideas for the future for me to reconsider him.

I do not know too much about Haley Barbour except the bad press he initiated in the last month. I admit he comes across like ‘Boss Hog’ to me. Rick Santorum was my Senator who I never voted for while a Democrat. When I did vote for him, he lost. Since then, he has appeared as Fox New contributor, filled in as a sub host for Bill Bennett’s early morning talker, and writes newspaper columns. I am sure he has done more, but I do not think it is enough to get him primary and caucus votes. I haven’t looked into Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniels as a prospect. Who knows, he could be good!. New Orleans’ Bobby Jindal’s name is still being proposed. I like him, but his eligibility to serve will come under scrutiny due to the challenges, specifically the one dealing with the natural-born (parents not born in this country) which continues to come up with Pres. Obama.

Senator John Thune and Rep. Mike Pense are possibilities that I could see myself supporting. Unfortunately, 2012 is too early for Gov. Chris Christie and Rep. Alan West to even consider running, but if they do, I will jump on their bandwagons right away.

The Governor to Follow

A Rob Tornoe Cartoon

Chris Christie is the example to follow for all Governors. Even California’s returning Democrat governor, Jerry Brown seems is going to take pages from the Christie’s play book.  I know my newly elected governor, PA’s Tom Corbett will also be taking several pages from play book. This cartoon makes fun of him not having specifics, but the proof is already in the pudding. I don’t alway agree with this Republican governor of New Jersey, because his conservatism does not include the social, where as mine does. But this man is doing a fantastic job in dealing with the downed economy deficits that effect his state. He is definitely future presidential timber.

Listen to Gov. Christie, especially when he talks about how it is not right for public employees to expect things as usual when others through taxes pay for their good lives are suffering in this downed economy.