Required Reading: Heather Has Two Mommies!

FBMeme_liberal logic 101_no bibles

I do not know about you, but it angers me that in our public schools systems, books such as Heather has Two Mommies gets high recommendations. These books are about molding the minds and shaping the hearts of children to morally accept any type of sexual preference. Some folks out there believe such books should be required reading at the elementary level. Oh, that is so appalling! Just think about molding and shaping children into accepting any sexual preference as valid while the Supreme Court allowed public schools to exclude the Word of God.  This is a triumph for those on the liberal and leftist side of life.

A Little Time Out for a Memory Lane Toy

To get away from the serious for a moment, are you old enough to remember this toy? It would not bold over any child today. In fact, they would laugh at it and say to their parents,”are you serious?”  But, it was a much sought after toy in my childhood. I was 9 when I got this toy for Christmas with all the color slide stories of favorite TV cartoon characters. The projector was also used without the slides to play shadow games with my little sister and neighborhood friends in my bedroom or the basement with the lights off.

Give a Show_ProjSet

Progressive Thought: Children Do Not Belong to Their Parents


Oh, this one is a real doozy from the leftist progressive Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry! Do you go along with her ‘Lean Forward’ progressive argument that your children are not your’s, but a public investment?

My mother who still views herself as liberal, but in reality is a strong social conservative, will never go along with this idea of children belonging to the community and not the parents. I know my non conservative sibling never saw her twin daughters who are now 18 as public property. The same for my other non conservative and MSNBC loving sibling, who has a young teenage daughter. I must get the reaction from the MSNBC watching family member on Dr. Harris-Perry’s left’s progressive ‘Lean Forward’ doozy.

Dr. Harris-Perry is so comfortable with what she is saying to the point that it is scary.

Suspension for a Lego Gun!

Lego Gun

This warning of a 2 weeks suspension for 5 year old, Joseph Cardosa’s lego gun is ridiculous. When I worked in the classroom and later directed child care centers for a well-known church organization, children’s gun play was forbidden. With that said, there were plenty of lego guns. Teachers redirected the gun players to another activity. If they did not cooperate, they received a time-out. We never went to the extreme of suspending a child for gun play. In fact, we never technically suspended a child for anything dealing with behavior. When a child was not allowed in the center, it was due to the parent being at least 2 weeks behind on the childcare bill. Suspension is over the top. Redirection is the proper course of action.