Capitalism iPhone and Socialist ACA

Liberal Logic 101_capitalism1

Liberal Logic 101 makes a good contrast between the capitalist’s entrepreneurial iPhone product and the legislated Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as Obamacare. Individuals whose health care is not supplied through their employers must now buy this new government health care regardless of whether or not the ACA product meets their needs or even if they can afford it. Capitalism does not fine you in order to make you buy a product.

Fat-Cat Millionaire Anti-Capitalistic Paradox

Henry Payne Cartoon

Oh that Michael Moore! The very example of someone coming from humble beginnings to become a multimillionaire through capitalism. He would not be where he is today through his embraced socialism. He is with the Occupy Wall Street crowd/mob. Yeah, like he has been negatively affected by greedy millionaires!  How can Mr. Moore be down on capitalism, when he is the true persona of a fat-cat millionaire?

Real Brief on the Market Systems

I admit I use to have what you could say was a tolerance or a consideration for socialism. I considered communism, only because of the way it was presented and taught in a few of my college courses back in the early 70s. But that consideration was very brief. I was never into fascism at all.  I was into government controlling things.

When the late and former President Ronald Reagan talked about government being the problem and getting government off the backs of people, I actually thought we did not need someone like him. Today, I am a capitalist baby and understand and agree with what Ronald Reagan said about government. I do not agree with the Obama administration moving this country further down the socialist road. The capitalist system is the best for individual achievement.

I am not a libertarian as is Judge Andrew Napolitano, but do like him and agree with many of his views. Click on the picture of the Judge below and get a very quick video lesson on the market systems differences.