Choosing to Ignore the March for Life, Again!

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It looks like a good portion of main stream media chose to ignore the March for Life again! A big deal is made of college football player, Manti Te’o’s imaginary girlfriend to the point that it is a major discussion on TV news programs for days. Katie Couric gets hive fives for nailing the first interview with Mr. Te’o. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands take part in the March for Life against abortion on Friday, Jan. 25th and Fox News is just about the only media outlet that gives the March any news coverage. I do not think C-Span even bothered to cover it.

I did not know anything about the March for Life until I started watching Fox News when my cable company starting airing the cable news station in 2001. Just think, the March for Life came into being in 1974 against the 1973 Roe vs Wade Supreme Court pro abortion decision! The march against abortion is more than equal to the Manti Te’o story. With the Obama administration being so pro-choice/death (baby killing), the media news folks should be presenting the dissenting position.