The ACA and Other Things

obamacare logoWell things have been more than bumpy for my Democratic friends due to the imploding of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as Obamacare. I continue to hear a fierce defense from some and while others have become real quiet. The latest is that a bill passed in the House that says you can keep your health plan with the help of 39 Democrats. This is for those who are experiencing cancellation of their current health care plan because of not meeting the new criteria specified in the ACA. You know it is bad when Democrats who are up reelection next year are siding with Republicans. So far, it is just not going well at all for Pres. Obama’s signature legislation.

Please note that the employer mandate is under delay until about 2015. With millions across the country losing their health plans due to not meeting the new criteria in the ACA under the individual mandate, just think what could happen if the employer mandate was in place now as originally planned! Think of increased loss of health care coverage due to employers not being able to meet the new ACA criteria. Well some folks are already experiencing that loss as employees. But if both mandates were in play now, the ACA would be just about gone.

In other happenings, in this past local election,  my borough experienced mostly Republican victories with the mayor and borough council. There were Democratic victories with the judges. Due to limited access to the Internet, I am not able to blog like in the past. My household decided to save some money by going with a personal hot spot which is not working out well. This has slowed down the start of my Christian blog, but I have not given up on it. I hope to be back with full Internet Access in the new year or sooner.