Hearing From Zo Again and My Thoughts on Bill Maher

Time to hear from Zo again!

There are many people out there who really think that Bill Maher is fantastic. There was a time when I enjoyed him. These days, he grows more and more disgusting. I attempt to watch him if interesting conservatives are on his show, Real Time on HBO. I remember watching when the late conservative Andrew Breitbart was a panelist a couple of times. He did a good job of holding his own against other liberal panelists and Bill Maher.

Mr. Maher is a self admitted drug user. To me, he was not despicable in the early days when his program had the title, Politically Incorrect on the Comedy Channel as he is today on Real Time. Even with conservative guests, many times I have to turn away from Mr. Maher due to his increasingly over the top foul language. There is such a depravity in his expressed thoughts! Does anyone believe that his drug use does not contribute to his state of mind while doing his Real Time cable TV show?

Sadly, It Looks Like Alan Grayson is on His Way Back to Congress

Remember Alan Grayson? He is the former Democratic United States Representative from Florida’s congressional 8th district. He experience defeat in 2010 to Republican Daniel Webster. He is running again to regain his congressional seat. He is way out there in leftist progressive la la land. Remember his ‘Republicans want you die quickly‘ on the House floor!

There is no more 8th district due to redistricting. Those who voted against Mr. Grayson are now in the newly created 9th and 10th districts. Rep. Webster is running for reelection in the 10th district. Alan Grayson is running in the 9th district against Republican Mark Oxner. Sadly, indications are Mr. Grayson will return to Congress, because the district is heavily Democrat and he is doing well at raising campaign money. Mr. Grayson’s return will be a tragedy. Go here to see endorsements for his return to Congress from other way out lefty progressives such as Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

I really hope there is a Mark Oxner upset victory in November. I leave you with the Oxner add targeted to Hispanics on Mr. Grayson and progressive support for abortion.


The Limbaugh/Fluke Controversy and the Selective Outrage

People on the liberal left side are jubilant over Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke controversy. He called the single Ms. Fluke a slut and a prostitute for speaking in favor of health care insurers providing free contraceptives before an unofficial congressional committee. I am hearing and reading  that he is toast! There are people out there partying over the groundswell that Mr. Limbaugh is experiencing in the loss of at least 26 sponsors and 2 dropped stations as of this posting.  He is talking replacement of departing sponsors.

I am not into personal attacks and name calling; therefore, I feel Mr. Limbaugh was “over the top”  wrong with the misogynist name calling, but he did apologize. If anything should happen to him, it should be a suspension like the one liberal, leftist Ed Schultz took for calling conservative talker, Laura Ingraham a slut on his radio program (he also apologized for going too far on Ms. Ingraham).

This selective outrage over Rush Limbaugh is all political and it is working in the affirmative for the Democratic liberal lefties. Mr. Limbaugh fell into their trap and they are positively spinning this controversy and gaining support which will lead to votes for a 2nd term for the Obama administration. I say selective, because where was this groundswell of outrage over Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann for calling Michelle Malkin a mashed up bag of meat with lipstick and Bill Maher for calling Sarah Palin a cu#t and Michele Bachmann a tw%t among other names. Have you ever heard any apologies from Mr. Olbermann and Mr. Maher on their misogynist name calling? Read about leftist misogynist name callers from someone on their side here.

I conclude with one final thing on Sandra Fluke. She said on the TV program, The View that the contraceptive coverage that she desires does not take taxpayer money. This is true, but Ms Fluke a law student is looking for health care insurers  to provide free contraceptive coverage for college students.  Well, that means higher cost for insurers which then gets passed on higher coverage costs and cuts for you.

The Hasselbeck/Maher Confrontation

Bill Maher was on the View yesterday and Elisabeth Hasselbeck confronted him about him making women  in general (in the citation, it was Ms. Hasselbeck)  the butt of nasty jokes. His jokes and comments are quite vulgar in reference to Republican and conservative women. In his monologues on his HBO program, “Real Time with Bill Maher,” he called Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann vulgar names associated with female genitalia. Read more and view a video clip here.

Since Bill Maher was on a morning broadcast network TV program, he could not be his usual self. If he had the freedom he has on HBO, ABC would have had to cut the sound to keep viewers from hearing the foul language that would have flowed from his mouth. Real Time did its last show this past Friday before going on holiday hiatus. That is a good thing for Ms. Hasselbeck confronting Bill Maher, because if Real Time were on again this Friday, he would cut loose on her with the vulgarities something awful! Her husband would have to do something painful to him to her uphold her honor.

As Quiet as It is Kept: Democrat, Leftist and Black Disenchantment

I hear the following said, “If Barack Obama is a one term president, it will be due to racism. The respect and  treatment for this President differs from any other president.” What are people thinking when they say this? It is reaction based on emotion for the first black president. Their reverence for this President goes far beyond any other President. A black president could not get elected solely by people of color. Those loudly speaking out against him, did not vote him in the first place and he has not won any of those voters (and non voters) over to his side. If Pres. Obama sees only one term, it will be due in part to people who voted for him in 2008 not voting for him in 2012.

The disenchanted Republicans and conservatives in 2008 that voted for the Pres, voted for a 3rd party presidential candidate, or did not vote at all. Many from those groupings maybe coming out of the woodwork in 2012 to make sure that someone other than Pres. Obama, another Democrat or a 3rd party candidate is the next President. I think what has gone down on the domestic front under the Obama administration has scared some moderate 2008 Republican Obama voters  well over into the conservative side.

And then, the President is losing some more people. As quiet as it is kept, more and more Democrats, leftists and blacks are feeling disenchanted with Pres. Barack Obama. Will they be partly responsible for him losing in 2012? Well, most will not do a switch and vote for a Republican presidential candidate, but they may go with a 3rd party candidate or not vote at all.

There could even be a slight chance that a challenger can come from within the Democratic Party. For a long time, many believed Hillary Clinton was just biding her time and would be running for President again, but I no longer believe that. Whose else could it possibly be. Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders who in caucus with the Democrats and calls himself a Democratic Socialist is one of those disenchanted with the Pres. and is calling for someone within the Democratic Party to challenge Barack Obama in 2012. Princeton Professor and leftist (member of the  of the Democratic Socialists of America), Dr. Cornel West expressed disgust with the Pres. that he supported. Now another old leftist entertainer/activist Harry Belafonte says the President failed us. Leftist/libertarian Bill Maher is also expressing disappointment with Pres. Obama.

Even though Pres. Obama got something like 94/95 percent of the black vote (but not my vote), he is losing their support too! Some are holding him accountable for this jobless economy. Blacks along with Latinos are experiencing more loss of jobs than whites. Of course there are some like Dr. West who are angry with him for not giving priority to the problems within the black community. But why should he? He was not elected just by blacks. He is not just the President to blacks.

Pres. Barack Obama could be a one term president, but it will not be because of racism. If it happens, disenchantment from those who voted for him in 2008 will play a considerable part for his loss.