Hiatus Over and Blogging Again

It is time to get back to the business of blogging. This blog has been on hiatus for about 2 months. During that time for almost 4 weeks, I was without any Internet connection at home. I am working with a less expensive Internet connection for the time being; therefore, Blog_Green KeyI am dealing with slow loading of pages with many images and buffeting video clips.

In returning to the political and cultural, so much has been and is going on such as, the Republican attempts to defund the Affordable Care Act led by Sen. Ted Cruz, the Republican infighting, the partial government shutdown with its protests and the strong possibility that the United States can go into default this Thursday appear to be hurting the Republicans while positively affecting the Democrats. I hear Sean Hannity talk about how the government shutdown during the Clinton years did not hurt the Republicans. He was right. I was a Democrat back then, and it did upset me when the Republicans maintained their majority in both Houses of Congress in the following national election. But now, political thinking is skewing more and more to the left. Did not leftist, Barack Obama win a 2nd term as President? I hate to see what will happen to this country if the Democrats get control of both Houses of Congress.

In returning to the subject of blogging, during my hiatus I was going to add a Christian page to this blog. Well, I changed my mind. I will be starting a new Christian based blog. My Sunday music posts are gone from this blog and will be on my new Christian blog to hopefully be up and running in a few days. I am glad to be back and hope you will return to reading this blog and will spend some time checking out my new blog.

The Iowa Start to the 2012 Republican Presidential Race.

The presidential election year  has been exciting for me for a long while. Some people I know think me somewhat weird, because I get into the presidential nominating conventions and look forward to them being on TV every 4 years. This time around the presidential full electoral process is only on the Republican side. I find the process more exciting when the Democrats and the Republicans are going through the full process together. Even though the outcome in 2008 was Barack Obama, for me, the 2008 presidential election process garnered  more excitement.

With all the hoopla over the Iowa Caucus, the only worthwhile hoopla is the fact that it is the first electoral event of the U. S. presidential process. The Iowa Caucus is not a defining element for either of the 2 major political parties. Mitt Romney just edged out Rick Santorum by few votes to be the winner. Is the Iowa Caucus really any indication of whether either one will be the next U. S. President, let alone be the 2012 Republican presidential nominee? In 2008, the Republican winner was Mike Huckabee.  He is not the President, and he did not even become the Republican presidential nominee. Bill Clinton in 1992 became the Democratic Presidential Nominee and then elected the U. S. President. He place 4th in the 1992 Iowa Caucus at 2.8 %.

 Well, the Iowa Caucus does thin out the presidential hopefuls. There is always someone dropping out who finished last or near close to it. This time around, it is Rep. Michele Bachmann who placed next to last. It will be interesting to see who will be the next one. The ultimate with me is that the Republican chosen to run against Pres. Obama will be strong enough to garner a voting victory in November 2012. I do not think Rep. Bachmann would have garner enough votes to do that. The Independents are the key. They go one way and then they go another way. The Republican presidential candidate must be able to win over the Independents that gave the victory to Barack Obama 2008.

Resonating Newt

Oh, remember when I said that nobody was listening to the Republican  presidential contender Newt Gingrich? Well for a while I was correct, but not any longer. Due to his performances in the debates, many people are changing their minds about the former Republican Speaker of the House. He is resonating on the issues. I like this. I had a blog buddy that passed away a year and a half ago. He was of the opinion that Mr. Gingrich was old news as far as concerning the presidency. I wonder what he would be thinking if he was still here with us!

Newt Gingrich grew on me after I went conservative. He is always coming up with great ideas for solutions to problems. I still have a bit of a problem with his past in the personal behavior department. His womanizing while going after former Pres. Clinton on the Paula Jones case and married to his 2nd wife did not go well with me at all. I do realize with his 3rd and present wife, he is making spiritual efforts to make this marriage his last one. He says he has repented and asked God’s forgiveness. I was glad to read his daughter’s column clearing up the wrongly reported and well believed account of him serving divorce papers on his 1st wife while in the hospital dealing with cancer. His daughter said her mother initiated the divorce before the wrongly reported hospital incident. Read more here.

The days of the presidential candidates having to be squeaking clean are pretty much a thing of the past. Also in times past, it was easier to keep baggage about a candidate under wraps. These days with baggage and secrets, it is a given that we will find out about them while the candidates are still a candidates regardless of political party affiliation. But because of what the Republicans stands for, Republicans get more judgmental scrutiny than Democrats.

I think of all of what is going on with Herman Cain against former Pres. Bill Clinton when he was a Democratic presidential contender. I remember the former Pres. and his wife, Hillary Clinton both admitting his infidelity/womanizing  on the 60 Minutes TV program. It did not bother too many Democrats, Independents or even some Republicans,  because the country elected him over incumbent President, George Herbert Walker Bush. I really do think Newt Gingrich has a brilliant mind. If he should become the Republican presidential nominee, he will get my vote.

Other Than a Miracle, He is Toast

This Herman Cain thing with the sexual harassment claims are devastating. If he ever had a chance to be the Republican nominee, despite his current strong support, other than a miracle, he is toast.  Mr. Cain should have seen something like this coming. I kind of feel that there is a bit of truth to the first sexual harassment claim. But not these later ones! I am suspect of Sharon Bialek’s claim. She let the statute of limitations run out on that claim. He ran for (and lost) U. S. Senator in Georgia in 2004. You would think the sexual harassment claims would have surfaced then.  At least I do!

Who is orchestrating these attacks. Is it Republicans or Democrats? I tend to think it is Republicans, because the main competition now is among the Republican presidential contenders and not with the Democratic opponent, Pres. Obama.  I do not cast off the idea that there could be some Republicans behind this hoping to succeed with the racial sexual stereotypes. But then, it could be the Democrats orchestrating this to set up the Republicans and relying on people falling for old racial sexual stereotypes too!

The media is not on Herman Cain’s side like it was with Bill Clinton and the sexual harassment claims against him. Have you notice as Mr. Cain financial support grew since the first sexual harassment claim, claim after claim grows nastier. It  is like well the first one did not stop you so how about this one. If this one does not stop you, we have more. True or not these sexual harassment claims have done irreversible damage.

He Fessed Up

Well, New York Rep. Anthony Weiner fessed up to tweeting an inappropriate photo of his crotch after he initially said someone had hacked his computer. In a recent post, I said that he came across as just plain guilty. Why did he think he could get away with allowing some interviews to dodge questions and insinuate that Andrew Breitbart was the someone who hacked his computer? As I said before, this is not a Democrat or a Republican thing, this problem finds its roots in marital infidelity. Why do married men think can love their wives, but continue in humiliating faithless activity behind their wives’ back?

 I am hearing something that at onetime I would have agreed with and that is that “it is between Rep. Anthony Weiner and his wife.” I thought like that with former Pres. Bill Clinton with his fooling around with Monica Lewinsky.  But then, with the perjury he committed to cover up his infidelity, I realized it went beyond the level of just being between the Clintons. Rep. Weiner lied but did not lie under oath a la Clinton. But trying to get the public to believe that Andrew Breitbart started it all by hacking his computer and saying he was the victim besides learning that he sent other inappropriate photos and even an X rated one of himself to young women (to some after getting married) puts him in the same super low character category.

Now we all know that some people see this as Rep Weiner’s personal behavior, which is between him and his wife, while others see much more. Really, what he did cast nothing but dispersion on his congressional office. I believe and agree with Democratic Minority House Leader, Nancy Pelosi  that Rep. Weiner should be investigated by the chamber’s ethics committee.