The Military Restricting Christians

FBMeme_condemned and not
Yes, there are new restrictions for Christians in the military under the Obama administration. The Obama efforts are leading to no Christian sharing of faith and no displays of bibles. But then, I have yet to hear the restrictions for Islam in the military. There is an amendment to the NDAA ( the annual National Defense Authorization Act) being proposed by a Republican representative to protect those in the military sharing their Christian faith from court-martial. Pres. Obama threatened to veto it , if and when it makes it to his desk.

Rewrite the Bible!

Melissa Harris-Perry_Bible

I know whenever a liberal/lefty makes this type of eye-popping  comment about anything Christian, true Christians who vote the Democratic Party along with the far lefties do become incensed, but then at the same time, they publicly act as if it this type of comment was never spoken.

Melissa Harris-Perry is not the only liberal/lefty progressive who feels the bible needs an update. She and others think that way, because they feel that bible content comes only from mere mortal men. The reality is that the bible is God inspired. We cannot change what we do not like about what the bible tells us, even when it goes against prevailing attitudes on such matters as same-sex marriage and abortion rights.

Remember to Pray for Persecuted Christians

This is a repost (with a few tweaks) from my former blog.

During your Easter/Resurrection holiday celebration, do not forget to pray for people in other lands who experience persecution for making Jesus Christ their Savior. Here in this wonderful country, we take much for granted, such as our Christian freedoms. Think about the bibles in American homes that collect dust! A few weeks ago I heard a missionary share that in Vietnam where there is strong ancestral worship, there are not many bibles. In fact there is sharing of bibles that are totally hand written.

I have heard the name of Christ defamed.  I have been called  snide names to my face and much more behind my back, because of my identification with the Lord Jesus Christ! But that is no big deal in comparing and contrasting what Christians go through in Islamic countries and other countries where Christianity is officially castigated or even forbidden.  Some people in other parts of the world experience denied medical treatment, being hunted down like an animal, face life imprisonment, or have even be executed because they accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. I have never feared any of that happening to me as a Christian in this country.

Please visit the International Christian ResponsePersecuted Church and Voice of the Martyrs for specific prayer needs of persecuted Christians.