The Blacks Voting Race Misconception

I have come across a tremendous amount of comments about blacks being racist on Facebook, blogs and columns, because they vote based on race. Some who have made that claim are old enough to remember when they laughed at the idea of a black becoming president, but I will not get into that right now. The blacks voting black racism charge is false despite the fact that blacks voted 95 or 96 per cent for Barack Obama. Before I get into the misconception, I want to say, the first black in anything continues to be huge for people of color. I personally did not let that sway me when I voted in November 2008.

There is a very important missing aspect that makes the claim that blacks vote race a falsehood and that is the Democrat Party. It is not black + black. It is black + Democrat. If it where black + black, then blacks would come out of the woodwork to vote for black Republican candidates. Dr. Alan Keyes would have received the majority black vote during his Republican primary presidential runs. Blacks did not come out for him at all.

When Pres. Obama was running in the primaries, here in Pennsylvania with our closed primary system, many non voting blacks scrambled to get registered, while those who were Independent changed their registration to Democrat in order to vote for him. Black Republican, Lynn Swann did not receive the black vote when he ran for governor of PA in 2006. Blacks stayed with Democrat, Ed Rendell who won a second term.

I see on the conservative side, that the “blacks are racist because they vote their race” perception is emotionally charged and not thoroughly thought through. At this point in time, the Democrat factor is essential in black voting. I haven’t given up on blacks in general going beyond the Democratic Party. I got passed the Democratic Party, and I know there are others out there like me.