Hearing From Zo Again and My Thoughts on Bill Maher

Time to hear from Zo again!

There are many people out there who really think that Bill Maher is fantastic. There was a time when I enjoyed him. These days, he grows more and more disgusting. I attempt to watch him if interesting conservatives are on his show, Real Time on HBO. I remember watching when the late conservative Andrew Breitbart was a panelist a couple of times. He did a good job of holding his own against other liberal panelists and Bill Maher.

Mr. Maher is a self admitted drug user. To me, he was not despicable in the early days when his program had the title, Politically Incorrect on the Comedy Channel as he is today on Real Time. Even with conservative guests, many times I have to turn away from Mr. Maher due to his increasingly over the top foul language. There is such a depravity in his expressed thoughts! Does anyone believe that his drug use does not contribute to his state of mind while doing his Real Time cable TV show?

Andrew Breitbart Gone

Oh, it is so hard to believe that Andrew Breitbart is dead! What a shock! There are nasty mean tweets out there on his passing. Shame on those people who are doing that. Liberal lefty Donna Brazile tweeted the following:

“Andrew Breitbart was a conservative political combatant who was unafraid of his critics. We battled on and off the air, but he was a genius.”

Now that was respectful coming from a person who opposed Mr. Breitbart.

Andrew Breitbart had no fear. He was the conservative who would come on lefty type programs like Bill Maher’s Real Time. He was the conservative who did interviews on cable news stations other than Fox News. He was the conservative with a wonderful conservative news website. Most importantly, he was the great conservative investigative journalist. His investigations into ACORN brought it down. Mr. Breitbart’s investigation into former Rep. Anthony Weiner, made the married Mr. Weiner confess that he lied about being hacked and that his sex based tweets to other women, especially the photo tweet of his private part, true. Reports are out that Mr. Breitbart had astonishing video on Pres. Obama during his college years that he was holding back until this fall. When people on the left would try to ambush him in public, he go right back at them and then some with the facts.

I did flip-flop on the Shirley Sherrod controversy, but finally grounded myself on his side. I told him so on his Facebook page. His response to me was very touching. I saw him in person at the Uni-TEA in Philly 2 summers ago. Here he is at CPAC 2012.

My condolences to Andrew Breitbart’s family.  Oh, will he be missed!

These Occupiers!

Oh, what to make of this liberal, leftist groundswell to occupy Wall Street! All this solidarity! I heard the word, solidarity mostly used with socialist and communist spoutings. It is spreading to cities across the country. Some are just angry at the wealthy getting wealthier during these downed economic times. Some are saying this is the liberal leftist answer to the right-wing TEA Party. Some are not only protesting against those on the right, but the Obama administration, due to being too timid with those deemed the rich fat cats. Listen to actress and Occupy Wall Street protester, Susan Sarandon. And then, there are some who really do not know why they are there. They joined in, because they like seeing young people rising up and coming together, but cannot tell you exactly why there is a rising  up and a coming together.

I hear on the local Philly urban talk radio station which is the only talk station that promotes liberal leftist perspectives in the city and the surrounding areas, excitement from some of the talks show hosts. They really think the Occupy Wall Street crowd and occupiers in other cities are showing the right-wing and wealthy crowd that they are coming out swinging to do class warfare. I wonder, out of all the protesters I see on TV, who is registered to vote?

Unlike the TEA Party gatherings, there is a destructive mob mentality with the Occupy whatever/wherever folks. I saw enough on TV and on Internet video using foul language to express their political beliefs. Those who know why they are protesting are pretty much anti-capitalism. I heard a few say they are socialists/communists. I wonder how that makes some of the old guard Democrats feel about the socialist/communist connection I wonder how do those on the Democratic side feel about some of the leftist occupiers protesting the Obama administration! I leave you with this video and this video with Andrew Breitbart. You will see some cannot tell you why they are protesting, while others use a weak generality and then others let you know they are anti-capitalism and pro socialism/communism.