Sadly, It Looks Like Alan Grayson is on His Way Back to Congress

Remember Alan Grayson? He is the former Democratic United States Representative from Florida’s congressional 8th district. He experience defeat in 2010 to Republican Daniel Webster. He is running again to regain his congressional seat. He is way out there in leftist progressive la la land. Remember his ‘Republicans want you die quickly‘ on the House floor!

There is no more 8th district due to redistricting. Those who voted against Mr. Grayson are now in the newly created 9th and 10th districts. Rep. Webster is running for reelection in the 10th district. Alan Grayson is running in the 9th district against Republican Mark Oxner. Sadly, indications are Mr. Grayson will return to Congress, because the district is heavily Democrat and he is doing well at raising campaign money. Mr. Grayson’s return will be a tragedy. Go here to see endorsements for his return to Congress from other way out lefty progressives such as Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

I really hope there is a Mark Oxner upset victory in November. I leave you with the Oxner add targeted to Hispanics on Mr. Grayson and progressive support for abortion.


My Post Election Ramblings

This novice is delighted to be wrong. In an earlier post, I said that the Republicans were counting their chickens before they hatched in predicting a takeover of one or both houses in Congress. I felt they would win some seats, but not necessarily enough to take over either houses. Well as the result of this midterm election, the Republicans will take over the lower House in Congress. Dick Morris proved not to be totally wrong in his predictions. He is correct about the House, but wrong on the Republican takeover of the Senate and Sharron Angle winning over Senate Democrat leader Harry Reid. The polls screwed up on that one too! They had Ms. Angle a few points or several points ahead.

I voted for Pennsylvania Republican candidates at the national and state levels. It was not a clean sweep. Dee Adcock lost to Democratic incumbent Allyson Schwartz in my 13th Congressional District. All others I voted for, won. So congratulations to Governor-Elect Tom Corbett and Lt. Governor-Elect Jim Crawley, Senator-Elect Pat Toomey (who was very gracious to his opponent Joe Sestak in his victory speech), and the re-election of Bob Mensch and Robert Godshall as representatives to Pennsylvania’s general assembly.

I am elated about the Republican minority victories such as Nikki Haley, Allen West and Tim Scott. Read more about that here. I have to admit that I would be lying if I did not admit that I am happy that Alan of Grayson has been let go of his District Congressional seat. I thank you all in the that district for coming to your senses. Democratic Congressional candidate Alvin Greene of course did not win. He managed to garner 399,000 votes. How in this world did he even manage that. His vote total should have been zero!

The day after the election of Pres. Obama in the chat room of Philly’s only urban early morning talk radio host, I disagreed with another chatterer who said that Barack Obama’s election marked the demise of the Republican Party. I have not done any heavy gloating, but I would like to do so over that person. The only thing, back then we chatted with number IDs. That has since changed to logging in with a Twitter type ID. I have no idea as to who I was chatting with under the old number ID system. I would love to find out how that person is feeling after yesterday.

The New Republican House majority has its work cut out. I really hope they are ready to take over the driver’s seat. As I have stated before on my old blog, we go in cycles with the 2 major political parties and the cycles seem to be changing more often. Within the last 6 years, we have gone from Republican domination to Democrats having it all to now giving some of the power back to the Republicans. What will we see in 2012?