Our President’s Habit of Snubbing the God

I still do not believe that Pres. Obama is a Muslim, but do believe he has strong Muslim sympathies. Really, what Muslim leader do you know that is pro gay like Pres. Obama? I argue on occasion with those who think he is a saved believer in Jesus Christ. I did believe that for short time, but with all the anti God actions going on under his watch, it is plain to me that he either believes in something that has nothing to do with God or he does not believe in God at all.

Have you notice how Pres. Obama tends to not acknowledge the Lord? In 2010, the Pres. experienced chastisement from the bipartisan Congressional Prayer Caucus for saying our national motto is”… E pluribus unum – out of many one.” Our national motto is “In God We Trust.” He left out the “Creator’ in the Declaration of Independence.  Pres. Obama has also left out God in his Thanksgiving messages. Now who is he thankful to, if it is not God?

Gettysburg address

The latest God snub is in the 150th celebration of the Gettysburg Address. Again, Pres. Obama leaves out, “Under God.” Media Matters defends the Pres. by saying that he was asked to read the Nicolay version which was a draft that left out, “Under God.” Somehow, I do not buy that. Well, in any case, Pres. Obama should have known something was wrong when he saw no reference to God in his recitation. In its finality, Abraham Lincoln did say, “Under God” in the Gettysburg Address. Since, there is a warning about embedding this video go here to view the President and go here to view the several celebrities doing parts of the Gettysburg Address.

Vice President Biden Gaffing It Up Again

Randy Bish Cartoon

Well Vice Pres. Biden has shot up the gaffe-o-meter again. His chains remark comes across to me as pure desperation. Yes Abraham Lincoln would take issue with him. Really, he should be promoting the accomplishments of the administration. But then, how much can he promote? The Democrat Party operatives are falling back big time on their racist republican mantra.

My rock solid Obama supporter Facebook friends did not even try spinning this ‘chains’ gaff. VP Biden also called Rep. Ryan a governor and made a statement that has us still in the 20th century in the same speech. There is hype out there for him to be dropped  and replaced with Hillary Clinton. That would really be something if that happened. From now on, VP Biden needs be held on a short leash with a muzzle close by.

President’s Day (And Take the Quiz)

Happy President’s Day!. In my neck of the woods, public, parochial and private schools closed today. When I worked in child care, 2 of my employers closed the centers for this day. The other 2 wondered why would any child care closed for business on President’s Day. In my remaining child care years, I had to get use to not having the 3rd Monday off in this month, which meant unless I took a vacation or personal day, I worked straight from January to the Memorial Holiday in late May unless the center closed in the winter months due to heavy snow and/or ice weather conditions.

During my school years, schools closed on Feb. 12th and Feb. 22nd for Abraham Lincoln and George Washington respectively. It was not until 1971, when Presidents, Lincoln, Washington and the inclusion of all other U. S. Presidents fused into one day for celebration by the former and late President, Richard Nixon.

As we celebrate President’s Day, how much do you know about any of the U. S. Presidents? Go here to take a beginners’ level quiz on the Presidents. I got 1 wrong concerning 19th century presidential action on Native Americans. I scored at 90%.