2012 Remembrance of 9/11

I will never forget the horrific events of September 11, 2001. I was a head teacher in a child care classroom. A teacher from the other end of the hall ran in the classroom and told us about planes flying into the World Trade center. While continuing classroom activities, I turned the radio on to an all news station.

The parents started coming to pick up their children. My classroom staff started leaving while I remained till the last child in the room left. The parent of the last child told me she started to go home and take a nap a then come for her child. I told her we would have called you, because your child would have been the only child here.

I did not see any televised images of the 9/11 horror until after the jet crashes and the twin towers collapsed. I stopped in the ice cream/sandwich shop next to the child care center when going home. There I saw a replay of the 2nd plane flying into the Twin Tower. After finally getting home. I turned on the TV and saw close-ups of a person waving a large white piece of cloth and other people hanging out of windows at the top of one of the twin towers. I almost fell to the floor when I realized those people were dead.

I think of the heroes who lost their lives to save people. To mention a few from so many, there were building managers Frank Di Martini and Pablo Ortiz who saved  many people trapped in offices in the upper floors after the crash. Fire Marshall Ron Bucca (a long distance runner) who mad made it to the 78th floor on foot while helping trapped people get to the stairway when he was killed in the tower collapse. Port Authority police officer, Walwyn Stuart lost his life helping people escape at the bottom of the towers. Go here to read about the heroes of the Pentagon on 9/11. I also remember and honor those on the doomed Flight 93 who kept it from being another missile headed for either the White House or the Capitol Building.

My heart continues to go out to those who lost love ones. Just think about the families who lost more than one love one on that day! Think of the terrible tragedy suffered  by people such as John and Jan Vigiano who lost 2 sons, a firefighter and a police officer. Patricia Smith was a toddler when she lost her mother, a police officer Moira Smith whose last photograph was of her helping an injured person from the towers. She died some 25 minutes later. Kevin Villa 8 years old in 2001, also lost his mother, EMT Jamel Merino.  Go here for an old post on the children lost on 9/11. Life goes on, but we should never forget the horrific tragedy of 9/11. I leave you with a view of the new  beautiful 1 World Trade Center still in progress.


9/11 Tragedy: Ten Years Later

 In remembering the awful tragedy of 9/11, I know there are so many people still grieving love ones lost on that horrific day. I think of those who lost more than 1 love one like the Egan family who lost 2 daughters. I remember reading of the lost of entire families on the hijacked flights, 11, 77, 175, and 93. People forget that there were children that died that day. All were on the planes. Go here to see my previous tribute to those children. I also think of the First Responders who went into the burning collapsing buildings to rescue others, but did not get out. It was 10 years ago, but for many of the grieving, it is still like it happened yesterday. My heart and prayers continue to go out to them.

I feel the decisions of Mayor Bloomberg in New York to not invite clergy and the First Responders to participate in the 10 year Memorial are so very wrong. How do you leave out the Lord and those who survived (some with grave health issues) rescuing the living and recovering the dead from such an important commemoration?

There were triumphant stories from 9/11. Find out about a few 10 years later. Go here to view a survivor of the South Tower, Brian Clark and a North Tower survivor, Tom Canavan, who I met a few years ago at the National September 11 Memorial Museum in lower Manhattan. Read about Genelle Guzman-McMillan who was one of the last to be pulled out of World Trade Center alive. And finally, go here to view an interview of burned survivor, Ling Young. God Bless them, all other 9/11 survivors, the First Responders and the families who continue to deal with the loss of love ones from the 4 hijacked planes, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Arguing Panelists

Panelists, Bob Beckel and Pamela Geller go at it Eric Bolling’s Fox Business News program. Off course, I side with Ms. Geller.  Mr. Beckel’s response to her factual statements is outrageous. He results to  personal attacks. That is what you do when you can’t refute with facts.  Mr.  Beckel told another panelist, David Webb that we should not forget  the 9/11 date,  but [at the same time] we should get over it. I guess next year he will go into hiding or maybe leave the country on the 10th anniversary of that horrific day. Well, you can see the tempers fly in the video.

..Note: Youtube removed the original video posted on this page; therefore, as of 10/6/2010 this another video covering the same argument.

9/11: Thoughts on the Related Controveries

On this day of remembrance of the horrific events that happened 9 years ago, I hope it jolts some folks on the mosque issue. I am not against the mosque being built, but it should not be built anywhere near where the world trade center once stood. Some people say this proposed mosque is two blocks away and do not see what the big fuss is all about. But gear from Flight 11 was discovered on top of the building were the mosque is to be constructed and human remains have been found less than 500 feet away.

This mosque building within the area physically affected by the death and destruction is a part of jihad i. e. a stealth jihad. It is not violent, but a jihad that is obtaining Islamic domination victory by means awarded through our system of bringing ideas and desires to fruition. If you are thinking “so what” and that Muslims can live as they want, because it does not bother you, consider that through stealth jihad, Islamic domination is strong enough to forces non-Muslims to be Sharia compliant in an increasing number of public facilities in Europe. Women, are you ready to buy a Sharia compliant burquini to use your community swimming pool or enter on to a public beach?

A more “in your face” aspect of the proposed mosque near Ground Zero is triumphalism which is mosque building on or close to an Islamic victory. And throughout Islamic countries, Muslims saw 9/11 as an Islamic victory. This is why I oppose this mosque being built two blocks away from Ground Zero. I know there is a mosque that has been there for a while in the area, but it is not there due to triumphalism. Some of you will say, this was a terrorist victory and not an Islamic victory, but the death and destruction caused that day was done in the name of Islam. The planning and especially the funding of that terrorist cell came from Muslims from Islamic nations despite the fact that there are many Muslims who would never be apart of such a thing.

If you are wondering about the Pastor Terry Jones controversy, I am also against any kind of Quran burning. Pastor Terry Jones appears to be in it for the notoriety as far as I see it. I agree with General Petraeus. Not only is Pastor Jones endangering our soldiers and American people abroad, but he is also making life worse for fellow Christian brothers and sisters living in Islamic countries.

Today, September 11, 2010 the pain still abounds and this proposed mosque will intensify that pain for many who lost loved ones 9 years ago.

Memorial to the Children Lost on 9/11

I am reposting this from my former blog with minor revisions. This will probably become an annual post during the week of 9/11.

Juliana McCourt at age 4 along with her mother Ruth were on a travel adventure which included Disney Land. They were on Flight 11 when it was flown into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Juliana nicknamed Miss J was already showing her growing wit. See more about Juliana and her mother here and see The Juliana Valentine McCourt Children’s Education Fund.

Asia Cottom was an 11 years old Backus Middle School student in Washington D.C. She was to go on an educational trip. Asia was headed to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary near Santa Barbara, California, sponsored by the National Geographic Society, when her flight American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. Asia loved math and computers and had made Jesus Christ her Savior. Read more about Asia here and visit asiacottom.com.

Bernard Curtis Brown another 11 years old was also chosen to go to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and was on Flight 77. He was a student at the Leckie Elementary School in Washington, D.C. He loved to play basket ball and always said he would play the game professionally someday. Read more about Bernard here.

Christine Lee Hanson at 2 years of age was the youngest 9/11 victim. She was traveling with her parents. They all perished on Flight 175 when it flew into the South Tower of the World Trade Center. She was headed with her parents to visit relatives and Disney Land. She loved her going to day care. Read more about Christine and her parents here.

David Brandhorst died on Flight 175 with his parents. He was 3 years old. They were returning from a north-east coast vacation. David’s size made him look like he was ready for kindergarten when he was just a beginning preschooler. He loved to play with legos and made his presence known. David was popular and a natural leader among children. Read more about David and his family here.

Rodney Dickens was 11 years old and grew up in a part of D.C. that was troubled and unsafe. Rodney did well in school and always made the honor roll. He was an avid reader. Rodney a student at Ketcham Elementary School was headed to the National Geoographic sponsored trip to the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary with Asia Cottom and Bernard Curtis Brown on Flight 77. Read more about Rodney here.

Dana 3 years and Zoe 8 years old were with their parents on Flight 77 when it flew into the Pentagon. Dana had an attraction to princesses and like dressing up as one. She slept with her favorite stuffed ‘Lambie.’ Older sister Zoe read complicated books with her parents, such as Harry Potter and some Tolkien. She also enjoyed children’s classics. Read more about the sisters here or here.

When most of us think of 9/11, we tend to think of the tragedies connected to the world trade center. Somehow the victims of the Pentagon/Flight 77 and the Flight 93 are somewhat forgotten. Please view tributes to them here and here.

Go here for a related post a few years ago. Part of that post included a little something on Genelle Guzman-McMillan who was the last person to be pulled alive from World Trade Center rubble. While viewing a 9/11 program on Trinity Broadcasting early this morning, I learned that she was found standing upright.