112th Congress: A Republican Victory That is a Surprise to Some

The 112th Congress is in place. I do not do too much gloating, but this is primarily a gloat post. When Barack Obama won the Presidential election in November of 2008, there were countless comments on various media venues, especially in the chat room of the of the early morning talk show host on Philly’s one and only urban talk radio station saying that we were seeing the end of the Republican Party. I went back and forth with one chatterer on this subject. I continued to hear locally (Philly and where I now live in a borough 15 -20 miles away in Montgomery County, PA) how the Republicans were dead and there was no chance of them seeing any kind of victory in the future.

What are those folks saying now? The chatterer  I went back and forth with on the subject of the ending of the Republican Party was in that chat room under an assigned numerical identity as I also was; thus, I do not know who  I was debating. I loved to know how that person is reacting to the Republican congressional victory. From a few of those who felt the Republicans were powerless and a joke, I now hear angry and insulting remarks about Republicans and the TEA Party over the Democratic loses. For many Barack Obama supporters, the Republican victory is driving them crazy. I suspect that some of that crowd’s loud angst is due to not bothering to vote last November. Go here for an interesting read on how the Republicans won the House.

Now, as far as the Republican victory goes, I hope they remain victorious. I hope they do not get caught up in fiascos like the Republican Congress was in the mid 90s when they closed the government down and when those who voted for them started missing paychecks, Republicans quickly became the enemy.  At the same time, I hope the Republican Congress can balance while standing firm on constitutional and conservative principles under the leadership of the new (returning) House Speaker, John Boehner. The ball is in their court and they have a tough road ahead of them. God bless them.

2011: Happy New Year


Happy New year one and all! I cannot wait to experience what 2011 will bring into my life. I continue to pray for an economic turn around that will increase employment and a decreasing deficit. As far as the political goes, we will get bombarded with the pre-primary Republican presidential debates starting in the early summer. Even though some conservative pundits are still talking Hilary Clinton challenging Pres. Obama in his efforts for a 2nd term. At this point, I really do not see him getting any Democratic challenges of any major significance. It will be really interesting to see the cause and effect (or possibly the lack thereof) of the new Republican House majority. The swearing-in of the 112th takes place on Jan 5th.

Southeastern PA is starting the New Year with the weather a little on the warm side. Today, we will see highs from the upper 40s to lower 50s. That is great for those in the Philly area celebrating the New Year by heading to downtown Philly to watch the Mummer’s Parade. It is always better to have warmer weather when you are outside for hours watching a parade. It is also ridding us of southeastern PA’s evidence of the first snow storm of the season.

Personally, I met the New Year in prayer at my church after my pastor gave a challenging message on obedience to the Lord. The 2011 theme is “Mission Possible” and this mission is “Making disciples that love God, and share His love with the world.” I am spending the rest of New Year’s day at home, reading, watching some TV, roaming the Internet and eating. May you experience in full the rich blessings of the Lord in your life throughout this new year.

The Reading of the U. S. Constitution

With the Republicans taking over the House portion of Congress, they have put new rules into place. One of them is having the Constitution read in full on Jan 6, after the 112th Congress convenes. Okay, you may feel that this is just ceremonial and has no real deep significance. But those behind this new rule say the goal is “to underscore the limited-government rules the Founders imposed on Congress – and to try to bring some of those principles back into everyday legislating.” It is not just to remind the Democrats, but also the Republicans who in the past have lost their way when it came to limited government. I think it is a good idea. Read more from here.

Let’s face it, many of us do not know what is really in the Constitution. For example, we blame presidents for spending when if we truly knew  the Constitution, we would know that the blame is misplaced. The President cannot spend without the authorization from Congress. Remember a Democratic Congress authorized the spending in the last 2 years of Pres. Bush. That is in article 1, Section 8, which also stipulates that Congress has the power to lay and collect taxes, not the President.

I finally received my pocket-sized Constitution and Declaration of Independence from the Heritage Foundation. It is free. Go here to get one of your own so that you can have it on hand for discussions and arguments on the Constitution and constitutional related subjects or just for your own knowledge.

Well, this post is supposed to be just an announcement, but I ended up blogging anyway. So the announcement is from this point on I am taking a few days of this Christmas week off from blogging. See you in the New Year.

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