Another Dose of Zo

Here is another dose of the right-wing conservative Zo aka AlfonZo Rachael. He reflects on the first Republican presidential candidates’ debate. Of all the participating candidates, he  specifically zooms in on Herman Cain with some criticism. Zo goes on to express his feelings on libertarianism, which I share.

I Use to Like Michael Moore

I  use to  like Michael Moore. I remember enjoying his book, Stupid White Men, which was about white men having privilege and high access in this life. I even helped his book sales by reading it to and from work on the bus back in 2003. It should be no surprise that most reactions to the book came from black men, especially when they found out the author was white. I would always hear, “I am going to get that book.” Most did not know anything about Michael Moore, but a few knew of his far leftist positions on the issues. I liked him for coming out for the little guy, while ignoring his far left bent.

Michael Moore, an oxymoron who worked his way into the millionaire ranks through capitalism, acts as if he is a struggling underpaid overworked line level employee. He is all for socialist/communist solutions to worker issues. Mr. Moore really thinks it is all right to just take other people’s money for any financial solution.  It’s a national resource! Here is a snippet of his speech at the Madison, Wisconsin teacher/public union protest.

Go here if you want to hear the entire speech.

This country is broke and the states have terrific shortfalls in their budgets. Michael Moore is coming across like a people’s republic comrade. Who does not want the best education for children? But the money isn’t there and we have to do the best with what we have, not spending with what we do not have. We have to deal with  money that is not there for employee benefits. We must redirect the course from the paths taken in the past that got us to the horrific economical state we are in now. After, Wisconsin and Ohio, my state of Pennsylvania is up next. Gov. Corbett just unveiled PA’s budget and as you can imagine, there are deep cuts. There are already Michael Moore thinking people in PA  going into attack mode.

Despicable Response to a Purple Heart Veteran

A military veteran speaks to a college audience and gets mocked and jeered. Well, I saw this unbelievable reaction to folks in the military and veterans, in 2007/2008, when people mocked  Sen. John McCain’s military service when he was a running for President of this country. That was  abominable. Those courageous people  in the armed forces use to be supported, respected and loved by most people regardless of political outlook. Now those in the armed forces are almost hated by those on those gathering on the extreme leftist side.

This latest abominable behavior towards someone who has fought for our protection happened to Anthony Maschek, a former army staff sergeant who received the Purple Heart. He suffers from being shot 11 times in a firefight in Iraq. As a student there,  he spoke at  Columbia University to promote a possible return of ROTC ( Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) on the campus. Students against the return came to protest, which in itself is not wrong, because we have that right to do so. But the name calling and jeering directed at this veteran of valor in wheel chair with loss of limb is so loathsome! State your objections in a respectful and professional way. Why get personal with nasty attacks?

Just think, these ivy league students who jeered and insulted this wounded veteran for his service to our country are future leaders. Hopefully, when some of them mature and experience the ups and downs of life, they will come to regret their behavior towards Anthony Maschek. Listen to a little of what happened here. Read about it here.

Comparing Pres. Obama to What President!

Henry Payne Cartoon

People on the Right and Left are finding Time’s Magazines comparisons of Pres. Obama to the late former Pres. Ronald Reagan insulting for obviously different reasons. The Right views Pres. Obama in the liberal leftist, socialist, communist and incompetent vein. For many he has topped former Pres. Jimmy Carter as the worst President ever; thus, the comparison to Ronald Reagan is preposterous.

The Left views the Ronald Reagan presidency as one of the worst, if not the worst.  Mean,  hypocritical, double-dealing and for some, racist comes to mind when looking back on the his presidency. One of my parents who sometimes voted for moderate Republicans did not consider him to be their president like in the same way some folks today consider Pres. Obama not to be their president.

All of this stems from the reports of the Pres. reading a book on Ronald Reagan. I have heard comments on local liberal radio questioning the validity of Pres. Obama doing that. I can understand why the Pres. Obama looks to how former Presidents governed, handled the opposition and crises whether they be Democrat or Republican. After all, Pres. Obama shares with the late Ronald Reagan the unique and  exclusivity of being President of the United States. Finally, as for the editorial cartoon, personally, I think it is spot-on.


On Dealing with the State of the Union

Oh well, if you are an ardent supporter of the President, you may not of thought his State of the Union address was in his “best speech” category, but you had no serious problems with his State of the Union Address. If you are not, like me, you heard things in the speech that tells you he is continuing down his liberal, left road. The buzz word was invest (investment). To those of us in the loyal opposition, that means increased spending with money the country does not have.

The Pres. talked about us coming together. I am for civility and not getting personal. I always choose the path of civility, even when folks in the black community get very uncivil and just about explode at my going conservative.  Pres. Obama did throw a few bones out to the Republicans, such as tort reform and vetoing any bill with earmarks. I admit I am on the fence, when it comes to his appeal in not deporting young people brought to this country illegally as children by their parents.

From what I heard on the coming together  liberal, left is the direction. Pres. Obama talked about the need to improve education, but linked  the possibility of cutting grants and scholarships to not increasing taxes for the rich. Now that is the liberal, left way of financing things i.e. increase taxes to milk the successful to take care of our needs.

In listening to the focus group from Atlanta, Georgia on a short Hannity. I heard one Obama-ite, say he supported the President, liked the speech, the Pres. increased jobs and that the he is  doing well. The person sounded like many in  my friend/acquaintance circle. The supporter and a few others who voted for him in 2008 said they would vote for him again. There were more in number who voted for Pres. Obama , but let it be known that they will not be voting for him again in 2012.

I like, I mean really love  Michelle Bachmann, but I did not care for her doing a TEA Party response to the address, but I am not opposed to what she said in her response. Rep. Ryan’s response should be the one and only response from the loyal opposition. Folks on the liberal, left side are already having fun with the two Republican responses and promoting it as Republican disunity. Rep. Ryan’s response was on target. He has done the math and worked on the government budget. He cannot ignore that we are in dire straights and spoke to that. His response is entirely what the address should have been about. Cut the spending and pay down the deficit.