Thoughts: Black History and Firsts

blackhistorymonth_2013Black History Month does not get the buzz that it use to. Contribution from blacks in this country and all around the world now get acclaim that was not there when I was growing up. I continue to learn so much more since my school days when the only black person I learned about in history was Crispus Attucks who was the first casualty of the Revolutionary War.

I remember in late 2008. hearing Dennis Prager talk down firsts on his radio program in relation to Barack Obama being the first black to be elected President. I thought that was sour grapes, because a leftist Democrat won. Even though I did not vote for Pres. Obama, the first black aspect did not escape me. Black firsts are still very huge, even for me. I feel Mr. Prager was wrong to play down the significance of firsts for any race or ethnicity. I still wish my late father had lived long enough to see Barack Obama elected President. He passed during the primary debate season in 2007. My father kept his eye on Barack Obama during those very early Democratic presidential debates.

Now with all of that said, here is Fox News’ Harris Faulkner talking with Navy hero, Captain Gail Harris in celebration of Black History Month. Captain Harris is one of the first black women to serve in Naval intelligence.

The Two Cows: Political Economic Thinking


I like this situation of the two cows in the hands different political economic thinkers. From my perspective, I see the two cows a little different under Democrat. During those years, I did not feel guilty. I was not monetarily rich, but I was able to support myself. I did think it was the government’s top priority to get people out of destitution, because I cared in the wrong way.  Therefore, I did vote for people who believed in heavier taxation to keep and grow entitlements. Now as I grow as a Republican conservative, I see the errors of my liberal Democratic thinking. The situation of the two cows come out the best under the Republican political economic thinker.

Influences of All in the Family

I still watch reruns of TV’s All in the Family. The program captured the culture of the 70s. The Archie Bunker character was a hardworking family man, but was also a man with bigoted views. He was rather outspoken on his belief that the white people were the superior race. Just recently, I saw an episode where he thought he was going to get promoted and decided that when the promotion came through, he would put “black Elmo” in his dock foreman position.  He said, and “that is as far as them people go.” His son in-law Michael, who he always called Meat-head threw Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshal in his face.

I realized now how All in the Family helped to mold my political views as a young woman in my 20s and presented the paradox that I successfully ignored for so many years. Archie’s education level did not even make it to high school graduation level which was not all that uncommon from his  generation. Archie was a Republican and even though you did not hear conservative being used much back then, I say he was conservative. Archie was for personal responsibility and loved his country. He believed in God, but did not go to church and was ignorant of God’s Word. He could really mangled bible scripture. He also did a good job of mangling the English language. There was no other Republican or conservative character  to balance the lowly educated Archie with his white supremest views.

On the other hand his daughter, Gloria and especially her graduate school husband Michael who was an atheist championed equal rights. Michael was always shaming Archie’s pro segregation views and his very unsuccessful attempts to keep the neighborhood white. Michael always came down on anything having to do with the Lord. He ridiculed the bible.

I loved the liberal Michael, while shutting my ears to his atheist ridicule of Christians. I despised Republican racist Archie while respecting his love of family and believing in God. Now, I did not like how he ordered his wife Edith around, but it was clear he loved her. Some of my favorite episodes are of the few times she stood up to him. That TV show aided in strengthening the stereotypes and my belief of Democrats and liberals as educated and pro equality for everyone and the opposite for Republicans and conservatives.

In another note, I do not like that some on Facebook promote Archie Bunker. Some link a clip of him coming down on Democrats, which in itself is not wrong. I have no quarrel with the statement in the clip. But knowing all the bigoted comments that are far too many to be numbered that came from the Archie Bunker character, just perpetuates the uneducated and racist stereotype of the Republicans and conservatives.

Views on Some of the In and Out Republican Presidential Hopefuls.

I am glad Donald Trump decided pulled himself out of the presidential run. When he first came on the scene toying with a presidential candidacy, he caught my positive attention with his comments about what China was wrongly doing to this country and the notion that we are a laughing-stock around the world. When he became like the ‘head Birther,’ he lost it with me. I, like Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter believe that Pres. Obama was born outside this country.

Really, to me,  Donald Trump’s mannerisms when going off on the birth certificate and the college records started to resemble those of the late Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini. As I stated in a previous post in relation to Herman Cain, I am a little uneasy for now with the idea of someone being President without ever holding elective office. I was also uncomfortable with the notion that there were people on the conservative side that were ready to vote for Trump mostly because he took the lead on the Birther issue.

I was a Huckabee supporter around this time during the early days of the last presidential race. I was not quick to jump on his possible candidacy this time around, because of the possible new Republican challengers. Well anyway, he decided not to run for President. But I continue to love Mike Huckabee. In a little semi-related tidbit. When my Democrat voting mother viewed his very first show on Fox News, she marveled at the way he talked to Bill Maher about God and Jesus Christ. Up until that show, she only viewed the former Gov. as a failed ‘also ran’ Republican presidential candidate. She did not know that he was also a Baptist minister.  Mother now has a touching soft spot in her heart for Mike Huckabee. Who knows, if he had decided to get into the 2012 presidential race, he just might have gotten her vote.

I have grown to like Newt Gingrich, but not enough for now to consider voting for him in the 2012 presidential race. I liked his book, Real Change, which changed my view of him to one of a man of some great ideas. I am not happy with how he tried to explain away his past personal behavior and do not like his present attack on Rep. Paul Ryan.

Mitt Romney’s version of Obamacare established in Massachusetts when he was the Governor is a rather strong negative for me, but I will not completely discount him. I do not care for the libertarian, Ron Paul. I will not totally discount my former Senator, Rick Santorum, but I do not see him going too far in the Republican Primaries. It is not etched in stone, but for now I am liking Tim Pawlenty. He is not perfect, but I like what I am hearing  from him so far. As I listen and learn more about the possible Republican presidential candidates, my conservative choice for President may change.