Pres. Obama’s Dream of Illegal Immigrants

Glenn McCoy_O dreamIllegalsGlenn McCoy Cartoon

Yes, Pres. Obama must be dreaming about legalizing those who are in this country due to unlawfully crossing this country’s borders as future voting citizens. Of course they will be registering and voting Democratic. It is such a sweet dream to the Pres., because that will be the last nail (along with conservatives angry with the Republican Party holding back their votes) in the coffin of the Republican Party. The Democrats will run the country unfettered.

Legalizing the illegals is not just a Democrat thing. There were and are Republicans that are for making illegals citizens of this country. I remember Republican Senator, John McCain coming together with the late Democratic Senator, Edward Kennedy on a bill that never made it to law to legalize the illegal immigrants. I remember George W. Bush was all for it as President and I also remember former Republican Senator, Trent Lott saying to the effect (paraphrasing) that people of this country need to see legalizing these immigrants as a good thing.

There are employers of  who are Democrats and Republicans who are already employing illegal immigrants. After all, they are cheap labor. And they want to keep it that way. With the job situation not getting any better in this country, do we need legalized illegals competing along side everybody else looking for a job?

I am for doing something for the children brought here by their illegal border crossing parents. I am all for giving them a path to citizenship, but that path starts  at the end of the line. They can go to college here, but not at the in state tuition rate until they become full citizens. The illegal crossing parents get no path until they answer for their law breaking and then they can get in back of the line behind their children.


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