Listen to These Folks

Just looking at these people I know stereotypical thinking is going on. Does low information Obama supporters/voters come to mind? Well, listen to what they say.

2 thoughts on “Listen to These Folks

  1. I was on a yahoo comments board, and someone used one of your quotes. Intrigued, I “snooped” around the internet, and came across you site. All I can say is WOW! As a “white male” (human), I was surprised to find an African American woman that is not in the liberal camp. With that said, I hope you never lose your political “compass” out there in the world. It is a lonely sensation when you feel like you are being overwhelmed by a liberal machine that does not “compromise”, and takes no prisoners! I will close saying I feel myself solidly in the “Wacko Bird” caucus of the Republican camp, but I wish success for your blog in our continuing efforts back towards a more sane, efficient, Constitutional government, where we may ALL pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Good luck.

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