Here’s a Pretty Good Opportunity

My Republican Senator, Pat Toomey is up for reelection in 2016. So far, I am generally okay with him. Unfortunately, I have PA reelected Democratic Senator, Robert P. Casey for another 6 years in 2012, but I want all of you who live in the states of the 10 vulnerable Democrats to vote and to legally and ethically do whatever else you can during the campaign season to replace these Democrats with  conservatives in 2014. Hey! Even all of you who live in the so-called safe states do what you legally and ethically can to rid your state of the Democratic Senator up for reelection.

It would do the conservative and Republican side good to have the majorities in the House and the Senate. I constantly read naysayers’ comments about the President vetoing legislation from a full Republican majority Congress. They do not think about proposed Democratic bills being held at bay, not getting out of committee like what happens now with Republican bills in the Senate. Please do not sit out 2014 and give the Democrats another victory.  Do not blow this opportunity.

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