Cleaning House…Be Careful

No RINOsThe conservative push is getting stronger to get rid of the current Republicans serving everywhere, but especially at the national level.  Get rid of the RINOS (Republicans in Name Only) and just clean house! I know some Republican elected officials do fit the RINO label, but it disturturbs me a little that the label gets slapped on Republicans when they do not vote 100% conservative. I did not agree with my Republican conservative Senator, Pat Toomey on all his votes in 2013, but some folks put the RINO label on him. He is no RINO.

I go along with replacing RINOs, but replace them with candidates that can win against the Democratic candidate. More effort of concentration seems to be on getting a TEA Party conservative in the Republican primary against the likes of the Lindsey Grahams and others who in my estimation fit the RINO label. That’s good, now just as much consideration or even more should go to the candidate being strong enough to get votes away from the Democratic candidate. That was not the case a few years ago in Delaware, when the RINO labeled incumbent Republican, Mike Castle lost to the TEA Party backed Republican Christine O’ Donnell. Democratic victor, Chris Coons trounced her in the end in the Senate race.

There have been enough Democratic victors. Remember the goal is to win the final race and dethrone the Democratic leadership of this country. Go here to read about conservative house cleaning.

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