After a few months of being absent on this blog, let us welcome back Zo. He has been gone too long.

Zo is as good as ever. I never had a 2nd thought about what Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson said concerning homosexuality. He supported his comment by paraphrasing  I Corinthians 6:9-10. With those objecting to what he said, did you notice that there was not the slightest bit of indignation over the other sins mentioned in the paraphrased verses? Well in any case, I am glad Mr. Robertson came out on top in the end.

As far as his comments about the black people he knew as being happy during civil rights times, I would question Mr. Robertson a little on that, but I do not take his comments as racist like some folks do. I noticed the media reports left out that he also said that the blacks he worked with in the cotton fields were godly.

Dr. Melissa Harris Perry on her weekend MSNBC program made fun along with her panel guests of Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson. Later, she profusely apologized. Zo does not think the apology is authentic, but I will cut her a little slack.  Besides, Mitt Romney accepted her apology.

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