Horrific Knockout

This awful violence of young blacks today coming from behind with sucker punches and the sometime use of club like weapons to knock the victim unconscious, is known as the “knockout game.” This is beyond barbarism. I know most reports do not identify the perpetrators as black, but that is who they are. What is going on with the mothers of such these days? I say mothers, because it is a good guess that there is no father in the homes of these perpetrators.

Knockout game1

I hear excuses being made, such as anger, no father in the home and no jobs. But as far as this concerns me, there is no excuse whatsoever. I know times are bad, but for blacks, times in decades past have been much worst. I think about what it was like for both my grandfathers way back in the day! As bad as things were for them as young men, they did not go out and commit horrible violence on anyone. They did the best they could under the circumstances.

This cover up of the race of those who are doing this horrible violence by the mainstream media and even some not reporting it at all says much about the low-level of their journalism. This is all so wrong! Go here and here to read more.

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