ACA: So Far Not So Good


Well, how disastrous was the rollout of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as Obamacare? I say extremely disastrous. Only 6 enrollees the first day! The enrollment website a month later is still messed up. One would think there would be a smooth running website by now. In any case, this disaster is just one of the problems for the ACA. 

There is no denying that President Obama was less than honest when he said that if you liked your current plan and doctor, you could keep them both. The Democrats and media supporters are doing  the spin thing including trying to put the blame on insurance companies. Sadly, it is working to some degree. Millions of folks are losing their health care plans due to ACA regulations and are not able to keep their doctors. While others are seeing their premiums and deductibles go up and up. The Pres. and top Democrats knew that millions would not be able to remain with their current health care plans. This is beyond horrendous!


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