Obama Administration’s Anti Christian Actions

Obama Admin

I just wonder if the Christians who voted for Pres. Obama are paying any attention to his administration’s anti Christian actions that are currently in the news! These actions should appall all saved through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. These actions are infuriating some folks. I saw some videos on YouTube coming down on popular black Christian gospel artist for supporting Barack Obama.

In looking at these anti Christian actions, let us start with the IRS  (Internal Revenue Service). Not only did the IRS slow up or withhold tax exempt status to TEA Party organizations, but also to Jewish and Christian organizations. The IRS asked Christian organizations to turn over their member and donor lists and asked to give the content of the organization’s corporate prayers. This is wrong. If you want to excuse this by pointing out this same wrong treatment done to other organizations like the NAACP under Republican presidential administrations, my response is that it is all wrong and the old adage, ‘two wrongs do not make a right.’

There is already a post on this blog about the DOJ (Department of Justice) forcing employees to verbally affirm lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered life styles. That is slowly spreading to businesses and churches. Eventually, could  pastors, ministers, priests and their church members/parishioners be held in contempt, fined and/or imprisoned  for not affirming LGBT?

The Obama administration gave its approval for the sale of the emergency contraception, Plan B One-Step to i.e the morning after pill to females without age restriction. Then there is the Obama administration curtailing the religious freedom of Christians in the military. They are forbidding praying in the name of Jesus and making the sharing of the Christian faith is a court-martial offence. Addendum: Please take time to read Pres. Obama against Religious liberty  Amendment 

To all the Obama Christian supporters, how does all of this sit with you? I do think these anti Christian actions should anger you to blood boiling levels. All of these issues infuriated one of my family members who at one time supported Pres. Obama. What are your defenses or excuses for continual support of Pres. Barack Obama through all his administration’s anti Christian actions?


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