For AG Holder the End is Near!

Glenn McCoy_Stop Following Me.Glenn McCoy Cartoon

If Eric Holder’s end is not near, it should be. AG (Attorney General) Eric Holder cannot escape the news reporting scandal including the Associated Press snooping, and specifically, Fox News Reporter James Rosen. He signed off  on a search warrant for the emails and phone records of  Mr. Rosen. The DOJ (Department of Justice) is even going after communications from Mr. Rosen’s parents! Oh please!  James Rosen was doing his job as a reporter.

A few weeks ago, AG Holder testified before a congressional committee that he never heard of any planned prosecution of any journalist. There are reports out there that he personally vetted warrants on Mr. Rosen.  Perjury! If you do not see it as perjury, then you must see the AG as not knowing what is going on right under his nose. Is it not perjury or incompetence?

People are calling for the AG’s resignation, including a few Democrats. Of course, there are plenty of folks out there who could care less, because they are not paying attention to what is going on. I notice my online Democratic friends are quiet on AG Holder. In fact, with the way things are politically, some are feverishly pushing local and state Democratic victories in place of pro Obama administration postings.

It is no surprise that there are some ‘never say die’ pro Democratic/Obama folks supporting AG Holder, but even their defense of him is weak such as columnist and talk radio host, Earl Ofari Hutchinson. He never mentions any of the serious charges leveled at AG Holder in his column. Instead, he blames Republicans for trying to find stuff. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson with that special thing he has with words, defends AG Holder by calling him the ‘Moses of our time.’ Now that is absurd!

The call for AG Holder’s resignation continues to grow. Folks like Bill O’Reilly are predicting that he will leave the Obama administration soon. I side with those calling for AG Holder’s resignation. He should go, but based on how the Obama administration is able to weather out the controversies and even win a 2nd term,  I have this nagging feeling that AG Holder will not be going anytime soon. Please do not let me be right.


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