On This Day in 1947

Jackie Robinson1
I am quite sure you recognize the first man on the right But if you do not, he is Baseball player Jackie Robinson. On this day in 1947 , the 28-year-old Jackie Robinson made his historic Brooklyn Dodgers debut. He became the first black man to play major league baseball in the 20th century.

Major League Baseball executive, Branch Rickey broke the baseball bosses’ gentleman’s agreement not to hire anyone from the negro leagues in those times. I have yet to see the movie,  42, so I do not know if they included these facts (at around 12:03 into the video) about both Mr. Ricky and Mr. Robinson. BTW, even though the entire Eric Metaxas speech in this video is not about Jackie Robinson, I highly recommend that you listen to all of it.

The actor, Harrison Ford who portrays Branch Rickey is comparing Jackie Robinson breaking the baseball color line to same-sex marriage. I definitely cannot go with such a comparison. How can anyone put a wrong sexual behavior on the same level as a person’s race? Read more here.


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